donderdag 4 juni 2009

Seattle here I come .... ....

I have been a little bit lazy about blogging. I saw my last post was from May. Well it has been a busy time, with working, quilting, having fun with friends. And now totally unexpected I'm flying to my friend Marne. I had planned to go in september/october. But plans changes sometimes. So now it's only 12 days to go. Oh it's so exciting. I think, I'm a very lucky girl. So a busy time, to find everything I have to take with me.

Well what about quilting, I bought a lot of fabrics during the Withsun (Pinkster) weekend. Evy from the Quilterspalet got a 10-day summersale (till next weekend). Jacqueline and I visited her on saturday, and the weather was lovely, so we sat in the garden drinking coffee/tea and buying fabrics. I bought some autumn-fabrics to make cushions for my diningroom, and tablecloth, and I bought some fabrics from 100-rose-garden quilt.

And we got a new pet, this little bird got lost in the kitchen, lucky Rob caught him or her in his Seattle cap, so it was just for short time.

4 opmerkingen:

Simone zei

Oh, wat een leuke verrassing dat je weer naar Marne gaat! Heel veel plezier daar en geef je Marne een big hug van me?

Nana's Quilts zei

Such lovely fabrics - I really like them. And I think your rose/hearts will be so nice. And all hugs will be greatfully received. :-)

Joke zei

Een heel klein beetje jaloers zijn mag? Maar ik wens jullie toch ok een hele leuke tijd, maark veel foto's en geniet!

Joke zei

Mijn vingervlugheid gaat ten koste van de spelling ;)