zaterdag 20 juni 2009

Seattle Day 4 Quiltmuseum (Friday)

This museum is just FANTASTIC.
We had an early drive to pick up Marne's friend Alayne (also a quilter) to go to the Quiltmuseum in La Conner (north of Seattle). The museum is a lovely house in victorian style. So we spend some time there!!!! Take a look at my pictures and you will be suprised.
About the museum
The Gaches Mansion was constructed in 1891 by George and Louisa Gaches for their residence. George and his brother James purchased the mercantile store from John and Louisa Conner and began shipments of hay and grains from the Swinomish flats.

The first floor of the Quilt & Textile Museum retains the d├ęcor of the Victorian era, with quilts from that time period on display. On the second floor you will find our main exhibition space and the Sales Gallery. The third floor provides additional exhibition space and a quilt frame for local quilters.

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Joke zei

Caroline, I enjoyed your pictures and stories! I wish you both a great time, again :)