zondag 24 februari 2013

Sunday 21.18 p.m.

Quiltweekend is over. Dieuwke left around 17.30 p.m. home. The afternoon we spend making oxygen bag for a friend of us. Her lungs are in bad condition, but a black bag for her tank with oxygen is so boring, the least we could do was making a happy bag. (Dieuwke designed the bag).

 A picture of Pelle, the dog of Dieuwke's mum, the dachshund quilt was for him.

Now I'm sitting at my dining table. The sewingmachine, threads, fabrics, patterns are all in my sewing room. Back are my study books on my  table, but the radio next to me is playing Radio2. My favorite!!!!! www.radio2.nl.

I almost like every program, but Sander de Heer, early in the morning is my favorite. Now it's dutch music by Sarah Croos, and they played a song I still remember from the past. Maybe because the songtext was a little bit naughty in that time. Polle Eduard / Ik wil jou. And I was only 13 years old (1979). I think this weekend is over too quickly.  And then I even haven't show you my new hat. Well you have to wait till my next post ; ).

Willyne Hammerstein

Who is Willyne Hammerstein? If you're a quilter you might have heard from her. (If you're a laywer maybe too).

She is a dutch quilter who likes geometric, mathematic patterns, with little jokes in it. But you have to examine the quilts very well to find them ; ). Two years ago Dieuwke and I saw her quilts for the first time in St. Marie-aux-Mines. Now we had the chance to meet her and learn about her ideas and techniques.

With 30 ladies in Zutphen, next to the shop from Petra Prins, we felt like being in quiltheaven. The first moments I thought, I don't get it, what do I have to sew, and how? This sounds so complicated. Well I wasn't the only one. But just get started and do it. It was interesting, we all got the same fabric, but I think there weren't two blocks the same. The possibilities to create blocks and combine them are endless. It's all handwork, too small to work on the machine.

Dieuwke and I are going to put our blocks together, and make one quilt together. How big? No idea, not too big I think. Others project are waiting also. Just read my blog to see how we're are going on.
Look for a report in dutch and pictures also on the blog from Cis.

Girls weekend

Friday morning at 11.15 a.m. our girls weekend starts.  And that means, Dieuwke and I in the car to her mum in Epe. The first activity of the weekend. Her mum got a fantastic hairdresser! Sorry, we didn't take a picture before-after, but this is the result of a friday afternoon in her mum's kitchen. And don't forget the tea and choclate cake.

woensdag 20 februari 2013

Family Quilt

My eldest niece Tessa will be celebrating her 21th birthday in march. A very special occasion, so her mum thought too. So I said to her, wouldn't it be nice to make a quilt. And although my sister-in-law isn't a quilter, she knows how a sewing machine works. (I always say: "It's just like driving a car: accelarate, speed up, steering"). We decided to keep it simple, just squares. Because I couldn't do too much because of my bruised ribs we called our emergency line: granny (86) for help. So we managed to finished this quilt together in 1,5 day. We even could find a break for some quiltshopping at Evy in The Hague.


zaterdag 16 februari 2013

Friday afternoon tea party

Emma's parents came over yesterday. They're visiting the Netherlands, and we already met earlier this week. For Bailey it was the first time he came to our house. It was a very exciting adventure for him. He peed and poohed in the diningroom, barked to Mies, wanted to play with Mies (which she doesn't want). After that both dogs were so exhausted that they fell asleep under the table. Lucky are house is pretty dog proved.

Leftovers ; )

woensdag 13 februari 2013

Dachshund quilt

I finally arrived in the 21th ; )
I have a smartphone.  
So I should be able to upload text and photos, where ever I am. See if I can manage. This is really fun. This quilt is for Dieuwke's mum. We will be visiting her next weekend
She lives pretty close to Zutphen, where we will follow a workshop at Petra Prins.
Yes it worked, blogging from my smartphone.

maandag 11 februari 2013

A doggie sunday afternoon

Emma's parents arrived from England yesterday, so we went over for a cup of tea to meet them. We had a very nice afternoon chatting, drinking tea. Emma made two terrific cakes. I think I told you before but she such a good cook.

Both dogs felt pretty comfortable which each other. Mies with her new haircut, and Bailey having his new dog quilt. A proper dog needs to have a doggie quilt. He has really grown since the last time we saw him. And of course Mies had her personal caretaker Lucy. Although Mies hates scissors (the haircut at the hairdresser was one big nightmare, so we won't do another haircut), she loves to be brushed.

Good thing is, we can she her eyes, and I have to ask which shampoo they used, she smells lovely, and her fur is so soft.

Mies tried to escape a few times to explore upstairs. She doesn't like stairs at our home, but when we're somewhere else she likes to explore the whole house. Curious dog.

vrijdag 8 februari 2013

Temporarily out of order

That's how I felt the last 1,5 week. Almost two weeks ago, the first day the snow was disappeared here, I decided to go cycling to work instead of walking. Not a good idea ; ). Just before the head-entrance of our office I was hit by car, he hadn't seen me. So there I was laying on the ground, police, ambulance, it's suprising how quickly things are happen and arranged. Well I have been lucky, after a check-up, no broken bones, just bruised ribs, knees, and blue spots all over my body. So you see, not a writers-block, just took some time to concentrate on recovering. (And not making quilt-jokes with bruised ribs).

This week a ex-collegue send me a picture of his dog, he retired in july, and his biggest wish was to have a dog again. So for his "goodbye" I made him this doggie quilt, and he promised me to send me a picture.

Mies is getting a haircut today. I think she's a bit hairy at the moment ; ).

Oh, and if you noticed why she isn't on a quilt. Well I have one in progress, her X-mas quilt is stocked in the attic.