zondag 28 september 2008

"Patchwork" cans (blikken)

Look what I found at the supermarkt/grocery. Aren't these cans lovely. I bought them for my new house. For everybody who's living in the Netherlands you can get them at AH (Albert Heijn) for about 2,99 and 3,99 euro.

vrijdag 26 september 2008

DIY, Do It Yourself

Well it's only 1,5 week that I'm back from Seattle, but no time to do some quilting and patchwork with my "american" fabrics. Last monday we got the keys of our new appartment. So now (especially Rob) s very busy to do some DIY. Lucky we have a lot of help from Rob his uncle and some building workers, because the 20th october it has to be finished. At the moment it's big mess, but they keep assuring me that everything will be oke.

maandag 15 september 2008

The Hague day 13, coming home

PHOTOS, after a 10 hours flight I'm back in the Netherlands, very tired but happy, Rob and Paco were waiting on the Airport for me. I went with 1 suitcase, and came back with 2 suitcases.

So no more: coloured houses with verandas and decks, big refrigators, yellow schoolbuses, groceries where they put you groceries in a bag for you, coffeeshops with your name signed on the cup, breakfast with crumpets, very big cans with peanutbutter, baseballgames, leaving your mail you want to send at your mailbox, rows of newspaperboxes, take home the leftovers, HOV-lanes, 4-litre milk cans, quiltshops with shoppingcharts (winkelwagentje), yellow cabs, buying quiltmagazines at a drugstore and eggs and bacon for breakfast. But lots of bicycles, wooden shoes and windmills.

zondag 14 september 2008

Seattle day 11 and 12, Flying home

Saturday was a quiet day, I came with 1 suitcase and leave with 2. I did some quilting, finished a few projects and had a rather lazy day, after all the impressions of the last 10 days.

This afternoon (sunday) at 12.50 I'm flying back to the Netherlands, and I will arrive at monday morning 7.40 at Schiphol. I have had such a wonderful time here in Seattle. Marne and Elaine are such a lovely couple, you can't imagine. They're so nice. I really had a very good time at their home. I felt very welcome. I will really miss them. Of course I did a lot shopping, visiting people and sightseeing but I also did very interesting things tourist normally don't do, Teen Feed and Stone Soup Quilters. That makes the time in Seattle also very special. Thank you so much for a beautyfull time in Seattle. I hope to see you next year in the Netherlands in The Hague. We're busy making plans for 2009 and 2010. Seattle here I come again.

zaterdag 13 september 2008

Seattle day 10, Fish and chips

In these 10 days that I'm in Seattle, we did a lot of "real" american things. But I didn't have Fish and Chips. So Marne and Elaine decided that we would have dinner at "Ivers Salmon House". Well I can tell you, it's a lovely place to have our fish and chips. We were sitting out on the deck, and looked over the water for the sunset. It was the end of a perfect day. Tomorrow (saturday) is my last day, time to pick up my things and sort everything out, sunday I'm flying back to the Netherlands.

Seattle day 10, Salmons Dock

Seattle is very interesting city, there are so much different things to do. After the Space Needle we went to a beautyfull park, there you can visit the "Fish Ladder", it's especially build for the salmon, so that they can climb up. The docks are on the barrier of salt and fresh (zoet) water. So when the salmon go from saltwater to the fresh water, they swim around for some while, so that their bodies can get used to the fresh water.

Seattle day 10, Space Needle

One of the buildings that's very recognizable in Seattle is the Space Needle. You can go all the way up and have beautyfull views of Seattle. The weather was perfect for a visit. So we took the elevator up. It brings you in 41 seconds 520 feet (185 meter) high to the observation deck. The Space Needle was build in 1961/1962 for the World Fair.

Coffee and lunch

PHOTOS Marne is learning dutch, and she's doing a great job. Dutch is one of the most difficult languages in the world. Her teacher is living just around corner, she's originally coming from the Netherlands (Twente). So we went to Jacqueline to have coffee and a nice chat in dutch. Afterwards of course we went for lunch to Wedgwood Broiler. Marne told me it was an "old ladies place", it's decorated very old-fashioned but the food is very good, so we were happy they let us in.
In american restaurants you don't pick your own place like in the Netherlands, when you enter, you wait at the desk and they'll bring you to your table (even when the restaurant is half-empty).

vrijdag 12 september 2008


When I'm in the USA we got a new member in the family. Rob's brother and his wife got a baby-daughter, she's called Esmee, isn't she lovely.

Seattle day 9, Shibori Dragon

PHOTOS, Quiltshopping in Tacoma was today's challenge. So we went to "Shibori Dragon" were we met Patty, she's a friend of Marne and Elaine. The three of us really had wonderful time looking around for fabrics and patterns. The shop sells all kinds of Asian Fabrics, Sashiko threads, Asian quilters patterns and a lot of other things. I bought some beautyfull batiks and black fabric to match with the fabrics I got from Ronda. Shopping makes very hungry, so Patty invited us for lunch. That was so nice of her, and we spend a lovely time eating and chatting. For information: http://www.shiboridragon.com

Bookshopping and lunch with Alayne

PHOTOS. Today no quiltshops, how will we survive!!! But we did lunch.First we went to the second bookstore. I'm reading Anne of Green Gables, so I almost finished the first part and I'm really curious how it's going on with her. So I bought the other 6 parts. I found some Woodehouse for Rob, a very nice calender 2009 of Larsson for my mother and we bought some books for her Marne's grandchildren wich we're going to visit saturday. Afterwards we went to Alayne for lunch. Alayne is one of Marne's quiltsfriends, she's a professional "Long-arm-quilter". She's going to quilt Marne's white-chocolate quilt. We had very nice lunch together at the deck/veranda.

donderdag 11 september 2008

Seattle Day 8, Teen Feed

Tonight I went with Marne and Elaine to Teen Feed. Elaine is a volunteer for Teen Feed since 1995, once a month, at wednesday after work, she cooks (Burritos) together with other volunteers from the University Congreationel Church. The meals are served between 19.00h - 19.45h in the cellar of the church. There are about 50-60 homeless teenagers who are coming for a free warm meal (sunday till thursday). I think they do a wonderful job!!!! It was a very interesting experience to help preparing the meal and serving it.
Photos: Shopping for Teen feed.

About Teen Feed
Teen Feed serves over 10,000 meals each year to more than 400 homeless youth and young adults. - In 1989, nurses from the University of Washington Medical Center noticed that many street youth accessing the emergency room were severely malnourished. The community responded, and faith groups, service providers, neighbors came together to provide food to thehomeless youth population.

Seattle day 7, Puyallup Fair, part two

PHOTOS Animals, stranges hobbies, winning cookies, best jam, big pumpkins, collections of all kind of things you can see them on Pyallup Fair.

woensdag 10 september 2008

Seatlle day 7, Puyallup Fair (part 1 Quiltshow)

PHOTOS Today we went to the Puyallup Fair south of Seattle. What can you see on this fair: Pumpkin Carving, Agriculture, Animals, Pig Palace, Horse Barns, Dogshows, Hobby Hall and of course QUILTS. The quilts were beautyfull!!! So on the photos you see an impression. Tomorrow I'll post the pictures of other things you can do at Puyallup.

dinsdag 9 september 2008

Sewers dream

PHOTOS: Today we did a lot of things: University of Washington, Stone Soup Quilters and in the afternoon the Quiltshop in Mont Vernon (about 60 miles north from Seattle). I bought some lovely " reproduction" civil war fabrics, can't wait to make a quilt with these fabrics.

Stone Soup Quilters

Stone Soup Quilts PHOTOS. Stone Soup is a Grimm Brothers Tale, the meaning of the tale is, if everyone put a little bit in the empty pot, then at the end it will be filled. That's what the Stone Soup Quilters are doing. They getting all kind of scrap fabrics donated and their making quilts of it for the patients of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Resarch Center and their families. They're coming every monday-morning together. Today Marne and I picked some fabrics for a logcabin quilt. This package of fabrics, including the pattern, goes for example to a quiltshop. Somebody can take it with her and make a top of it and return it to the Stone Soup Quilters. They finish the quilt.
I think they do a wonderfull job. They make about 100 quilts each year. If you're want to read more about this project you can look on their website: NorthSeattleFriends.

University of Washington

Today we took ride over the campus of the University of Washington (PHOTOS) . It's a beautyfull surrounding with trees beautyfull old building. The University was founded in 1861 en is one of the oldest state-supported institutions of higher educaction. The campus is almost nearly 1 square mile (1600 vierkante meter) en there about 39.000 students. The Medical Centre has been ranked as the nation best primary care medical school. On our way to Stone Soup Quilters we took some donuts and coffee.

maandag 8 september 2008

Seattle day 5, Baseball

Today it's all about baseball.PHOTOS The "Seattle Mariners" played against the "New York Yankees". So I put on my "Mariners" shirt and put on my hat and sunglasses, ready to go like a real American girl. It was a fantastic game, and of course we won from the Yankees 5-2. I never had expected that baseball could be so excited. When you're in the Stadion with all the fans, cheering, yelling and clapping, it's really fantastic, and not boring at all (like we think in the Netherlands). So we were eating popcorn, drinking soda's and having a wonderfull time.

zondag 7 september 2008

Seattle day 4, Breakfast at Chinook's, lunch at Ronda

PHOTOS The weather is still fine, sunny, 21 C and sometimes a few clouds. This morning we had a real American Breakfast at Chinook' s. It's in the harbor, Seattle has a big fishing industry, and lots of fishshops. The place was filled with purple balloons and fans from the Washington Huskies (Footballteam, unfortunetaly they lost their game in the afternoon 27-28). We had: scrambled eggs, bacon, (french)toast and maple sirop. After breakfast it was time to visit Priscilla (Elaine's and Marne's Motorhome). From Priscilla we went to Marne's quiltfriend Ronda. Ronda's husband Marc cooked us (Ronda, Jenny, Marne and me) a lovely lunch. Ronda showed and told us all about her quilts, she has made several quilts, and has some very interesting quilts from the 1930's. One of them is from her grandmother. For her daughters 18th birthday she made a very special quilt. It took her year to pick the right fabrics, because every square in the quilt presents something from her daughters childhood. I left with some very nice fabrics, and a whole box of quiltmagazines she collected for me. I think I'll need a second suitcase.Thank you all for another lovely day in Seattle.

zaterdag 6 september 2008

Seattle day 3, Friday Evening

PHOTOS, Firday evening I had a lovely time with Elaine and Marne. Marne and I cooked dinner for Elaine. We bought some " sweet potatoe" pasta at Pike Market Place, and you got a recipe with it. So we made pasta with: garlic, chestnuts, parmesan and cheesecream. It tasted very well, together with the bottle of of with wine Elaine picked. Only thing it was far too much, the girl from Pike Market Place sold us twice as much as we needed. (Clever girl). After dinner we went downstairs for quilting (it was already 5 hours ago we did something with quilting). Marne finished the top for her granddaughter Megan, and I used the scraps to practise my new learned skill. It was really fun, so it was up to 11 o' clock before I went to bed.

Seattle Day 3, Quiltshopping

Photos Today we decided to a relaxing day. So that meant " learning sewing techniques on the machine" and " quiltshopping. We started with the techniques, that was really fun, so now I know how to make a " quick" quilt with the sewing machine. Afterwards we took walk through her neighbourhood, wich is a lovely surrounding, hills, trees and lovely houses, to the coffeeshop. I like these American coffeeshops. (For the dutch readers: they only sell coffee and cookies). So on our way back we met George and Mary-Jo and had a short look in their beautyfull garden. After two hours without doing any quilting stuff it was time for quiltshopping. Well it's biggest quiltshop I have ever seen "Pacific fabrics" You take a chart (shopping-car) with you to put in your fabrics. I bought some lovely fabrics for an "irish chain quilt" . But that has to wait till I'm back in the Netherlands. Of course we did some shopping for Jacqueline's RR, and we found a lovely red fabric.