dinsdag 31 maart 2009

Projects to finish

Two new projects. Both started when Marne was here in The Hague. One is for my mother and is called a "split" nine-patch, it's blue-brown-beige. The back is from darkblue fleece. The other project is called "puss in the corner". This one is made from my "american fabrics" that I got in september 2008 from Marne's quiltbee "Stashbusters". It took me really long time to decide what I'm going to do with these fabrics, because I wanted to use all the fabrics in 1 quilt. Aren't these fabric lovely, there are "civil war fabrics".

maandag 23 maart 2009

Marne got safe home...

..... and now our house looks very empty and quiet.
Yesterday Marne flew back to Seattle, the end of a lovely week with visiting friends, quilting together, looking for fabrics, coffee and lots of conversation. Now it's counting down till next year. PHOTOS DAY 17

zaterdag 21 maart 2009

Day 13 - Day 15

We did a lot of things the last days, and not only quilting. Wednesday the weather was so beautiful so we decided to take the dog for a walk on the beach. We could even drink coffee outside.
Thursday we prepared our little trip to my parents, they're living in the east part of the Netherlands. First we went along Agnes from Minewoodquilting, Marne is a customer for years, so it was really fun to meet her, and look around in her little shop at home, she has a lot of dutch fabrics. From there we drove to the next quiltshop: Atelier Bep in Doesburg. It's a lovely shop so we took some time to have a look around.

On friday we went to Munster to the Westfalenstoffe together with my parents. Westfalenstoffe has a beautiful collection, and it was so nice to see all the fabrics in series. And Munster is really worthwile visiting!!! Lovely shops, old-town centre.

After Munster we went to the Castle of Bad Bentheim, at the moment there is an exposition in The Hague / Mauritshuis about Jacob van Ruysdael, he made several pictures of the Castle. Although we didn't recgonize everything he painted, well maybe he changed some parts.

And today (saturday), meeting with some members (me, Marne, Jacqueline, Simone, Joke and Bianca) of the Crazy Exchange Group. We all came to Simone and had a lovely time outside in her garden, with talking, laughing, showing and lots of eating. Everybody took something for lunch, "potluck". It was supposed to be a quilt/embroidery bee but we were much too busy with other things. So I didn't even do one stitch.
If you want to see all the pictures from the last two weeks on you can have a look on: http://picasaweb.google.nl/photos338

woensdag 18 maart 2009

Quiltshops and Quilting

Yesterday was all about quiltshops and quilting. And today also!!! We have taken over the diningtable so there are now two sewingmachines on it and a lot of other quilting stuff. We have a little bit space left over for breakfast and dinner. So as soon as we get up (even before breakfast) we start already quilting. Marne learned me how to make a string pieced, very good for your leftovers. After breakfast we visited Rob his grandmother, she's a quilter too, and a dollmaker. Then we went to Haarlem. I don't know Haarlem that well, but Marne was my guide. We found a lovely restaurant where you can eat bagels, probably the only American restaurant in Haarlem, and we've picked it, but very good and cosy.

We went to the Quiltshop The Sampler and bought some lovely Westfalenstoffe (German), and visited the Corrie ten Boom Huis, it's a kind of museum, during World War II they hide a lot of jews and people from the resistance, very interesting a little bit too religious, but well ... that's part of the story.

Well of course that wasn't enough so we ended the day at Evy's Quiltshop www.quilterspalet.nl in The Hague. Like I always say: my quiltshop. It such a lovely shop, we had a nice conversation at the table, drank some tea, and Marne bought a lovely serie of blue-white fabrics.

Day 11 Haarlem
Day 11 Granny
Day 11 Evy

So dinner was take-away pizza, who wants to cook after a day of quiltingactivities. Oh I almost forget if you haven't seen enough pictures of our adventures here are the pictures of Day 10 Peace Palace The Hague: PHOTÖS

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Tuesday Haarlem

Today we're going to granny and Haarlem. So another busy day. Time goes so fast so we don't have time for all our plans. Saturday it was Delft, sunday we had Quiltbee and yesterday we visited the Peace Palace. And of course we did some quilting, we're working on a quilt for my mother, it's brown and blue, and it's called a: split nine-patch. And then Marne is also working on her mouse Wim.
Day 9, French Toast
Day 9, Delft, dinner at De Kurk

Don't worry, more pictures to follow from our Quiltbee, Peace Palace, Quilting and Haarlem.

vrijdag 13 maart 2009

Day 7 - dinner, Day 8 Flowermarket, Binnenhof

Yesterday evening Tale joined us for dinner, and even cooked us a very nice dinner PHOTOS: Tortellinni's, mushroomsoup, cheese and peas. It tasted wonderful. We ended with a lovely desert made by Marne: Tiramisu.

Today we got up very early because we wanted to go to the Flowermarket (PHOTOS) in Aalsmeer, so we had breakfast at 6 o'clock, and drove away at 6.30. We had a very interesting time walking through the Flowermarket/Auction, and it smelled lovely. Homecoming there was a nice suprise, Paco, our dog, had found some chocolate in Marne's and Elaine's room. So he had a lovely time, and I had to take him to the vetinary. Because chocolate isn't very good for dogs. So he throw up, and afterwards he felt very well.

Well that didn't end the day, because in the afternoon we visited the Knight's Hall and the Second Chamber (PHOTOS). Well that ended the day. Time to go to our favorite restaurant http://www.bijmauce.nl/

donderdag 12 maart 2009

Day 4 - day 7

See how Marne and Elaine are getting on. Visiting friends, shopping, having lunch, eating etc. etc. PHOTOS

zondag 8 maart 2009

zaterdag 7 maart 2009

Day 2, Political Tour The Hague

PHOTOS Today we made a kind of "political tour" through The Hague. We visited Palace Noordeinde (where the queen works) and made walk along our Parliamentbuildings called the Binnenhof, and did an "interview" with Wouter Bos (Minister of Financial Affairs, deputy of the prime-minister).

vrijdag 6 maart 2009

Marne and Elaine are safely arrived

At 7.21 the airplane landed, and there they were. Very tired because they missed a night. After lunch we went for a little walk through Bezuidenhout. See the pictures of today. PHOTOS.

donderdag 5 maart 2009

Marne and Elaine are on their way to Amsterdam

Finally, after waiting for months, counting down, in less then 10 hours we see each other on the airport in Amsterdam. How exciting. We have made a lot of plans, including quiltshops in the second week.

The last days has been busy, like cleaning the house, and tidy up my quiltroom. Still found some time to do a few things. As you know I love making bags. This one I send to Wendy Jo, we are doing an exchange. The fabric is from the town Hindeloopen and is used in the traditional costumes. This bag is about 10x11 inch. The patron is for free: download.
I also made this bag in the size 5x6 inch. Another site I like very much (sent by my friend Marne ) is: http://www.modabakeshop.com/ You find all kind of patterns you can make for example with the moda charmpacks.