woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Birds of a feather .....

........ is a book that I really like. Many times I pick it up and look througt it, again and again. But never used one of the patterns. Till now! For the border of my Spakenburger you will recognize the patterns from this book. I only made them a little bit smaller.

Although the border is random, I have two rules for myself: 1. the leaves will be all purple and 2. I use the same a kind of ivy pattern for the leaves.

It's going slowly but steady. And I found out that doing applique during long car drives goes very well. Rob is driving ; ).

Maybe you will see this quilt in the museum in Spakenburg next year.
I won't get bored this winter.

zondag 19 augustus 2012

The first tropical weekend...

.... which couldn't be better because our friend Yolande came along with her two boys to stay a night at our summerhouse on the Veluwe. Because it isn't that big, the boys had to sleep outside in tents. Mies found everything very interesting. She has been hugged and knuffled a lot.
The afternoon we spend doing our favorite sport: shooting nuts.  Saturday morning: boys to the swimmingpool!

 Yolande and I left for Spakenburg.
I had to pick up my quilt from the Exhibition "Ootjes Goet". Then up to my favorite museum. I know you maybe get bored, because I have told many stories about it. But this museum is very special. If you like you get a private tour. There are so many treasures, each time I discover new things. I showed them my quilt (in progress) from the mourning fabrics, so next year when they open in april I hope if have finished it, so that you can see it  in the museum next summer.

Oh, yes of course Yolande had to fit the krablap, well she can tell you, it's not very comfortable to wear.

They have a quite a collection of quilts, mostly made of Spakenburger fabrics

zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Pasta salad

This recipe from my sister goes very well with a barbeque, as we discovered today at my parents house. Although it wasn't as warm as we hoped for. It was lovely to barbeque outside, althpough we needed warm sweaters.

The recipe for the salad is very easy, as we quilters like, and you can make it in the morning and serve it in the evening. It tastes even better when you put it in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

300 gram  pasta (coloured or white)
1 appel / apple
1/2 potje zilveruitjes / small bottle pickled onions
1/2 potje augurken / small bottle bpickles
150 gram reepjes ham / chopped ham
bieslook / chive
- 2 eetlepels/tablespoons mayonaise
- 2 eetlepels/tablespoons ketchup
- 2 eetlepels/tablespoons witte wijnazijn / white wine vingear
- peper en zout / pepper / salt

 Good luck.

donderdag 9 augustus 2012

A few days away from home and work

We're spending a few days on the Veluwe.

It's really lovely here, nice weather. We don't do very much. Just relaxing. A little bit of quilting, reading, some walking around with Mies, shopping in Putten. Buying applique needles and embroidery thread for my border. Watching the olympic games, maybe put on the barbeque tomorrow.

For Mies there all kind of new adventures.

woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Flowers, berries, leaves and birds.....

that's what I want to put on the border of this quilt. Yesterday evening I made the first start. I love the result. But oh boy, this is going to be lots and lots of work.

dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

My Spakenburger Mourning Quilt

Well the most interesting part of this quilt can begin:  a border with applique, flowers, leaves, and birds.

The sholder part is called the "kraplap"
This evening I will give it a first try.

I have two kind of fabrics I want to use, the purple mourning fabrics, that I also used in the middle part  and the flower "kraplappen"fabrics I bought last year.

zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Cats, dogs and sunshine on the beach

A new blue neck collar for Mies.
We still have to work a couple of weeks before our summerholiday starts. But we're very lucky living close to the beach. So we spend our friday
She loves to be friends with other dogs.

afternoon with a walk along the seashore, a glass of wine and some snack food.

Finally sunshine and I'm allowed to sit in the sun now. Lucky me.

Despite all the projects that are waiting to be finished I couldn't resist to make this little quilt cat. It's a free pattern and you can find it here: Ellie's Quiltpalace Cat Quilt. I just made my own varation so it a little bit smaller.