maandag 27 juli 2009

Monday morning, 5.45 pm ....

... time to get up to go to work? No of course not!!! There is still some time to sandwich the third border on my thirties quilt, and then just hurry for work.
Question: Am I the only quilter who's doing this kind of things?

zaterdag 25 juli 2009

Woef the doorstoppper

Oke, it's not all about quilting, isn't this dog is very cute and usefull, to prevent our doors from slamming.
(You can buy the kit (fabric and patron) for 3,95 euro's in Quiltshop in Epe).

Update this week

It's been a very busy week at work, so not as much time for quilting as I wanted, but I managed to put my borders on my thirties quilt friday in the afternoon. Last tuesday we started repairing, and yesterday-evening (friday) we sandwiched the quilt. I was really looking forward to it, it such fun working together on a project. It makes the project very special. The more we're working on this quilt, the more we discover. Dieuwke and Willemijn discovered that all the logcabins got a yellow hart, but only one got a red-heart. Yellow stands for the light in the house, red stands for the fire-place. It must have been a quilt with very bright colours, because some little pieces shows a little bit of the original quilt.

The sandwich-proces went very well. The three of us bought a tagger together at Evy, and it works very well. Instead of spending hours with needle and thread, we were finished in a few hours, the only thing is you need a lot of staples. So I didn't bought enough. The last 12 blocks and the border we still have to do by hand, Dieuwke and I worked till 23.30, then I did one border, still three to go. The challenge is finishing the sandwich on tuesday so we can start quilting. MORE PICTURES

donderdag 23 juli 2009

A very special project

In june I was in Seattle with Marne, and had a wonderful time, one of the things that I found accidently was a quilt from the 30s. The condition is not too bad, but it's just a top, no batting, the lady who sold me the quilt told me it was a summerquilt, she didn't know anything about the quilt.

So I removed the back because it was an ugly brown fabric from the seventies. This is a project that I really want to finish (this year). So my quiltfriends Dieuwke and Willemijn offered to help repair it and quilt it.

At our quiltweekend in july we decided that we would help each other with a project that you don't like anymore, or already took a long time... so I was the lucky one because we started with my 30s quilt, for me it's a very special quilt, so I think it's very special to hand-quilt together. Last tuesday was the start. MORE PHOTOS

zondag 19 juli 2009

Mama's quilt is home

Yesterday I gave my mum the quilt. As you can see it goes very well with the sofa. So time to finish another project. Although it will be hard not to start a new project, because in the Quiltshop in Epe I bought a lovely patron of a dog, you have to fill the dog with sand so you can use it as a doorstopper. We really need that in our house, because The Hague is rather windy.

maandag 13 juli 2009

Mama's quilt

This weekend I finished one of my projects. I'm very good at starting quiltprojects and I promised myself not to start a new one, before I at least finished another one. Well this quilt is finished, and it's for my mothers birthday, but that's in october so I'm on the safe side.

It's a "split nine patch" one of my favorite patrons. I started in march (2009) when Marne was here. It took me about 5 months. The top is made from Connecting Thread Fabrics, I used 4 charm packs and two yards of the Indigo serie. Although you can't see it very well on the picture in each square I quilted a little schoolhouse. I made the top with my sewing machine, but the quilting is done by hand. The only part that is missing now is the label.

zaterdag 11 juli 2009


Time to post, after a break of two weeks. This weekend is quiltweekend at my house, It it feels like a kind of pyama-party. Friday around 20.00 h Dieuwke and Willemijn came, and we started quilting till about 1h30. At 8 o'clock saturdaymorning, quilting again. Around 10.15 Alexine joined us as well. In the afternoon a walk to the quiltshop, and then quilting again. We have lots of fun, and making big progress on our projects. There was even some time for dinner on the sofa, cooked by Dieuwke (she's a very good cook), and because we didn't want to waste any time during dinner we watched the movie: How to make an american quilt.
Oh and before I forget, here some pictures of the Hofje van Wouw.