zaterdag 25 juli 2009

Update this week

It's been a very busy week at work, so not as much time for quilting as I wanted, but I managed to put my borders on my thirties quilt friday in the afternoon. Last tuesday we started repairing, and yesterday-evening (friday) we sandwiched the quilt. I was really looking forward to it, it such fun working together on a project. It makes the project very special. The more we're working on this quilt, the more we discover. Dieuwke and Willemijn discovered that all the logcabins got a yellow hart, but only one got a red-heart. Yellow stands for the light in the house, red stands for the fire-place. It must have been a quilt with very bright colours, because some little pieces shows a little bit of the original quilt.

The sandwich-proces went very well. The three of us bought a tagger together at Evy, and it works very well. Instead of spending hours with needle and thread, we were finished in a few hours, the only thing is you need a lot of staples. So I didn't bought enough. The last 12 blocks and the border we still have to do by hand, Dieuwke and I worked till 23.30, then I did one border, still three to go. The challenge is finishing the sandwich on tuesday so we can start quilting. MORE PICTURES

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