vrijdag 29 augustus 2008

Marne's Round Robin

Our Round Robin project has ended. I'll take Marne's RR with me in a few days, when I'm going to visit her. I'm taking Jacq's RR back home, and Jacq has finished mine, unfortunately she forgot to take it with her today. So as a suprise for Marne Jacq and I finished the last border. I think this RR has become a real autumn quilt.

Wednesday Evening Bee

Every wednesday evening we have quiltbee at Dieuwke's house. It was again really fun, there are four of us: Willemijn, Dieuwke, Alexine and me. The Owl-quilt is made by Willemijn, it's for her son. Dieuwke made 20 little papierpieced sailboats. She wanted to give it away, but her little son (5 years old) liked it too much, smart boy!!!

zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

SPKNBRG limited edition Almere-Haven 2008

Today I went to very interesting exhibition in Corrosia (Almere Haven) together with my friend Miep. The exhibition was about placing traditional costumes, especially the "krablap" (shoulder part of the costume) in a new modern town like Almere. In the religious village Spakenburg is still a little group of women who are wearing the traditional costumes daily. Pictures, films, little texts of the women and artistic objects are giving the traditional costume a new dimension. http://picasaweb.google.com/photos339/Krablappen

Here is an example of a text they wrote:
"Mijn handen moeten iets te doen hebben. Ik ga daar met mijn gedachten naar toe. Het ontspant. Dan krijgen de zenuwen ook niet de overhand."
"I have to do something with my hands. I go with my thoughts to my hands. I relax. So my nerves won't have the upperhand."

zaterdag 16 augustus 2008

Help the Hagahospital / Hagaziekenhuis

The “QuiltersPalet” has started a “Little Quilts of Love” project for the Hagahospital in The Hague. I delivered the first 14 quilts to the maternity ward on Thursday 17 july. Not every mother gives birth to a healthy child. Sometimes the baby has already passed away in the uterus, or the baby dies during birth. If you want to read more about it, go to my special "Little quilts of Love" blog, here you the find the pictures of the first deliverance, and information if you want to join us.
Little quilts of love Blog
Deze zomer is het “QuiltersPalet” gestart met een “Little Quilts of Love” project voor het Hagaziekenhuis in Den Haag. Een eerste zending van 14 quiltjes is op donderdag 17 juli door Caroline afgeleverd op de kraamafdeling van het Hagaziekenhuis. Jaarlijks worden hier honderden kinderen geboren. Echter niet elke aanstaande moeder bevalt van een gezonde baby.
Meer informatie, foto's van de 1e levering vind je op de "Little Quilts of Love" Blog.

vrijdag 15 augustus 2008

Matchbox swap

Did you ever heard about a matchbox-swap. I didn't, but I'm member of the Crazy Exchang Group and Jainaina (Brasil) organised a matchbox-swap. It's really simple you take a big matchbox, put some goodies in, transfer it in something nice and send it to your partner.

Wednesday I received my matchbox, it's made by Suzanne, isn't it lovely, I like this country-style very much.

zondag 10 augustus 2008

Flying kites on the beach

Friday and saturday Peter and Ewout (kids of my friend) stayed with us. On friday we went to the "Prison Gate", http://www.gevangenpoort.nl/ so we could learn something about the history of The Hague. On saturday-morning we went to the beach, the weather was rather good, just enough wind for the kites. And of course they like to play with Paco.

dinsdag 5 augustus 2008

Weekend Report

I was a couple of days free, so one the things I did was cleaning up my quiltingroom and my quiltingcabinet. It's amazing after I tidy up the cabinet, there was some room left for my "American" fabrics I'm going to buy. I found a lot of UFO's, so one of my "dog"UFO's I finished for my niece Esther. Han en Esther cooked us dinner sunday.

What other quilting stuff did I do this weekend. Two tops for the little quilt of love project, I will tell you more about it next time.
A quilt-wallhanger for Willemijn's new baby, I can't show you, because she's reading my blog. Two little Dear Jane blocks I found in my cabinet. And of course talking with Jacqueline on sunday afternoon about Quilting.
Well now it's back to reality, got to go to my work.

vrijdag 1 augustus 2008

Swimming dog

Our dog Paco (English cocker spaniel, 8,5 years old) is a real swimmer. Summer, winter it doesn't matter, if there is water (or mud) he wants to jump in it. Yesterday it was real hot, about 29C, so we took him for a swim in the park. He really had fun, bringing back the little wooden stick, over and over again. As you can see he takes a big jump.