zaterdag 16 augustus 2008

Help the Hagahospital / Hagaziekenhuis

The “QuiltersPalet” has started a “Little Quilts of Love” project for the Hagahospital in The Hague. I delivered the first 14 quilts to the maternity ward on Thursday 17 july. Not every mother gives birth to a healthy child. Sometimes the baby has already passed away in the uterus, or the baby dies during birth. If you want to read more about it, go to my special "Little quilts of Love" blog, here you the find the pictures of the first deliverance, and information if you want to join us.
Little quilts of love Blog
Deze zomer is het “QuiltersPalet” gestart met een “Little Quilts of Love” project voor het Hagaziekenhuis in Den Haag. Een eerste zending van 14 quiltjes is op donderdag 17 juli door Caroline afgeleverd op de kraamafdeling van het Hagaziekenhuis. Jaarlijks worden hier honderden kinderen geboren. Echter niet elke aanstaande moeder bevalt van een gezonde baby.
Meer informatie, foto's van de 1e levering vind je op de "Little Quilts of Love" Blog.

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Laetitia zei

What a great initiative, Caroline and Evy. I will certainly join in and make one. Surely I will pick up a nice pattern and make one. Caroline I was stunned by your lizard picture. My son has two of them. In dutch called ' baardagaam' and they originate in Australia. They are very sweet animals...

I am not a computer-wizard (no, not Lizard), but a suggestion could be to put a message on the the bulletin board Prikbord.
My compliments with your blog, very nice, great pictures!