dinsdag 15 juli 2014

Show-and-tell of 10 of Caro's Antique Quilts, sunday 3 augustus in Ermelo

I showed some my quilts at Atelier Bep, and now I will tell you about them on Sunday 3 of august in Ermelo. Jeltje from the 100rozen in Deventer is organizing a quiltweekend.
If you want some more information or want to be part of this weekend: https://www.facebook.com/events/1437453946520039
Crib quilt bought from Mary Koval, period 1850-1870. Why is this quilt so special.
Green calicoes were a mainstay of the 19th-century quilters' palette. Because they were so common they are among the most difficult quilt fabrics to date. We see similar fabrics in quilts from about 1810 to 1970. Poison green or acid green as it's called, was a very popular color in quilts. It was first seen in quilts in the 1830s.  They called it "poison green" because arsenic was sometimes used to produce green dyes.

This is one of my favorite quilts, the blocks dates from around 1880-1890, I just bought the blocks and combined them with muslin and turned them into a new quilt.


And there is my quilttop I bought at a quiltexhibition when I stayed at Marne and Elaine 5 years ago. Originally it was quilt, but it was in a very bad condition, so all there was left was quilttop. I washed it very carefully, did a lot of restauration and then I tied it again. Because it was tied orginally.

So this was the little presneak of Sunday the 3th of august. Hope to see you there.

maandag 14 juli 2014

Enjoying summertime

It's amazing, still lovely weather, mostly sunshine, a few times heavy rain, but every weekend we enjoy our cyclingtours. Here is just an impression of our summerdays.
 In the Hague woods, new life, just born, mama is protecting them.
 We already live for six years next to the Theresiastraat, but we hadn't tried out this restaurant. I'm not sure we're going again, terrific food, but the portions were very small.
 This quilt I made for Jan-Arie, it's one of my favorite patterns, the 1600 inch quilt. Jan-Arie is in a revalidation centre because he had brain damage, but end of this month he is coming home. I hope he will enjoy his quilt on the sofa.
 One week later, mum and dad and their three kids, and probably some older siblings.
 What I love about summer is all the fresh fruit and vegetables especially the little honey tomatoes are terrific.
 On our bikes, you can alway can find a place to charge the battery.
 Mies is probably the biggest supporter in our house when it comes to the World Championship in Brasil. The dutch became number 3!!!! Nobody had expected that. So well done.
 Between Putten and Voorthuizen, in the middle of nowhere, the local supermarket.
 Almost home sweet home, Deventer, my town, I went to school here, today I was with my mum, don't you love the umbrellas in the little streets. Makes me happy.
 I'm not very good in knitting or crochet, to be honest I just know one crochet pattern, and one knitting pattern, but I love to make scarfs. This a lovely little knitting shop.
Last but not least, still 2 months and 4 dagys before I leave on my Quiltersholiday. Friday eve we had a meeting. Laura explained about the trip, and made us a travelguide..... and some very good choclate cookies. On the 18th september I'm leaving with Marjoke, Joke, Dickie, Laura and Henk to New England for my quiltadventure.

maandag 30 juni 2014

Having fun with ......

 .... AH-hamsters. The whole country colours orange. Our dutch soccer team is doing so much better then expected at the World Championship in Brasil. Every match we have a poule. Who got the right score. Against the aussies, the dutch won with 3-2, and Willem had the hamster. Lucky boy. Against Chili our dog Mies was the winner. Lucky girl. And last sunday Rob won the hamster, he got the right score 2-1 NL-Mexic. Lucky man. I can tell you he was overwhelmed by emotions winning the hamster. Who will be the lucky one ... in the next match against Costa Rica. How much fun can you have ...... ..... ..... ...... .......  

zaterdag 28 juni 2014

Enjoying the roses in the Theresiastraat ..

.... and I'm not the only one. I was just walking through the Theresiastraat on a regular friday afternoon. Doing a little bit this and that.

Enjoying the sunshine and beautiful flowers. I wasn't the only one, a photographer was busy with his camera. Thanks Paul for sending the pictures.

Hallo mevrouw X,
Hierbij vindt je de foto gisteren gemaakt in de Theresiastraat.
Je staat er goed op. Omdat de bloemen niet in detail te zien zijn, heb ik nog een close-up van de rozen bijgesloten. Leuk om een mede-genieter van de stokrozen beauty te ontmoeten.
Paul van Bemmelen  

zaterdag 21 juni 2014

Sorry, but it's Spakenburg again

girl / toddler
I know I wrote several times about this cute little museum in Spakenburg. It's one my favorite museums.

Boy toddler
Of course I needed some fabrics, because my Spakenburger Mills quilt is getting bigger and bigger. Purple is not the problem, I have enough in stock, but the light flowerish fabric. So a trip to Spakenburg became more and more urgent.

Girl age 6 - 14
Dieuwke, Willemijn and Joke (Dieuwke's aunt) joined me. So we took the full tour through the museum. So a very enthousiastic lady told us all about the costumes in the different periods. For example they boys and girls both wear skirts. The boys till about the age of 4. You can see the difference in the hat. The girls wear a black hat. From the age of 6 till the age of 14, during primary school, the girls wear black hats, they also had to wear them in the school. Oh must be very warm in summer. After that they could wear the traditional costume, and wear a little crochet white hat, their hair into a big roll. I think that took them some time to get ready.  

Inspiration, this quilt is on my list.

And what about the boys? Well they had an adventurous day in the woods.

vrijdag 20 juni 2014

All orange

Like I said before we are not massive football fans. But wednesday eve we made an exception. We invited some friends and watched the game.

We even made bets for the winning score.  Int he afternoon Willem and I made a tour through the house to find orange things. We found a box with "welpies" and "wuppies". We made a walk with Mies through Theresiastreet, she got lots of attention in her orange shirt. One dog was barking to hear but he was a fan of the aussies.

It was really excited. I thought it would be 1-1, so I had the hamster for some time. Then it became 2-1 for the Aussies, so Rob was in the race for the hamster. Nobody with 2-2, and then 3-2 for the dutch team. Well done Willem, you won the hamster.

Willem won the hamster!!!

vrijdag 13 juni 2014

Spoiled myself ...

... today .... with a big green "quilt" bag.

I think it needs a little patchwork strawberry from Atelier Bep. The fabrics are waiting. A nice little project  to work on during the first game of the Dutch Soccer Team in Brasil.

You understand I'm not the biggest fan in the Netherlands.

Busy thursday

We had a busy day. Enjoying every moment of our holiday and the lovely weather. Thursday morning we started with a cyclingtour of 50 km through the Royal Forest close to Apeldoorn. Dinner in Elburg.


Even that we have our little summerhouse on the Veluwe for several years there are still a lot of things to discover. Like the pumping machine on wednesday,

yesterday we were in Elburg. A little fishing town along the Veluwelake, in the old days the Zuidersea. Because they closed this sea with a dike, and it became the IJssellake, there is not much fishing going on anymore. The eldest houses are dated from 1233, when they got their city rights. A very cute little village, it's build in a square.