woensdag 17 juni 2015

Dear Jane

.....  no, no, I didn't start a new quiltproject. And surely not the Dear Jane. I admire all the girls that working at the Dear Jane and finish it. So brave!

I made just one block for Jeltje from the Quiltshop the '100 rozen' in Deventer. During the quiltdays 9-13 september in Deventer you can admire the "Dear Roses" in the synagoge. Hope to see you there.
Dutch apron

vrijdag 5 juni 2015

Hendrik Willem Mesdag (1831-1915)

..... a very famous painter. His most famous painting is 'Panorama Mesdag', the biggest painting of the world. He painted Schevening and her surroundings.

This year there are all kind of activities in The Hague. One is an exposition in the gallery of Pulchri. Lisa, a friend of us exposed here on of her objects. It's called 'This is the way he moved'. It's inspired on his cupboard.

If you in The Hague it's really worthwhile visiting Pulchri, it's located at the Lange Voorhout.

zaterdag 30 mei 2015

Feeling proud...........

...... just during our holidays the Dutch Quilters Guild informed me that one of my quilts was picked/selected for the big quilt event in september in Deventer. It will be hanging in the Lebuinischurch in Deventer. Fun... fun ... fun.....   Marne do you remember those dirty old blocks?

dinsdag 5 mei 2015

Quiltfun in Deventer on a rainy sunday afternoon...

..... with Jeltje from the 100-rozen.

Talking about the plans for september we have the quilting days in Deventer.

A big event from wednesday till sunday, Deventer will be the quilting capital of the Netherlands.

100 rozen in Deventer

Quilts in Deventer

Jeltje is organizing the 'Dear Jane' exposition in the synagoge (second picture).

And she invited me to do two show-and-tells of my antique quilts (thursday and saturday). This is one of my old quilts, Jeltje with some ladies made this sampler quilt from 1930s blocks. Then they made the pattern and made another one with new fabrics. Isn't it cute.

You know, a long time ago I started my Dear Jane Quilt, but after 12 blocks I gave up, same with the Amish Circle Quilt. So now I have my 24 blocks quilt "Dear Amish Jane".

  Life can be so excited.

The youngest quilter in our family ... Sophie

.... only 9 years old, making a little quilt for Floris the cat. A great way to spend my saturday morning with my niece and sister.
Maybe we can a start the quilting tradition .... in the family.

zondag 26 april 2015

It's me .... in Staphorst ...

.... show-and-tell at the Quiltpalace

in Staphorst, 23 ladies came along.

And we talked for 1,5 hour about quilts. We also had a lot of fun afterwards when there was enough time for everybody to touch and feel the quilts.

I took 18 old/antique quilts with me. Four big bags and a suitcase.

It was really great adventure for me ... thank you ladies.

My next show-and-tell will be in august at Atelier Bep (sunday 16 august), and then in september in Deventer during 'Quilts in Deventer."

More information: Quiltwinkel 100 rozen in Deventer

In november you can see and feel my quilts in Den Bosch bij Wietske, sunday 8 november.

In the mean time .. keep on quilting!

zondag 19 april 2015

My 'civil war' quilt ....

.... think/imagine, it's 1862 you're a quilter and your husband is going to war to fight for the Union. (Civil war North-Union versus South-Confederates 1861-1865) .

You're not sure when or if he is coming home. You give him a kiss, huswife and quilt.
Caro's Quilt
My 'civil war' quilt is a mixture of old and new fabrics. The old  blocks (blue and red)  probably date from the late 1800s, maybe some of them have older fabrics. I found them in an estate sale (on the internet). The basic pattern is 'square on square'. The pattern fits the estimated date, in the book 500 quiltblocks from Maggie Malone the block is known as: unnamed 1858. So can give a clue about the age of the blocks.

I added the cream blocks with the union eagle (free pattern on the internet), stars and borders myself. The blocks are machine-stitched.

Yesterday Dieuwke and I spend the evening to sandwich the quilt. It's ready to quilt now.

Did you know that?

  • at the end of the war 250.000 quilts were made for Union (North) soldiers by women.
  • most of these quilts were lost on the batteflied, because they were worn out, or because soldiers were buried in their quilts.
  • the military requested that quilts should be made about: 4 feet x 7 feet
  • about 625.000 men were killed in the civil war (World War I - 115.000, World War II - 400.000)

vrijdag 17 april 2015

Caro's old quilts ... .... ....

... ... ... you can come and see me next saturday (25 april) in the Quilterspalace in Staphorst. Very exciting ...... ..... my third show-and-tell. This year you can also see me in august at Atelier Bep and in Deventer during the Quiltingdays in september.

Quiltpalace in Staphorst

I'm taking 18 quilts with me, including Grace's quilt and the weddingring quilt.

Checking out the dishwasher ...

... because you never know... if there is someting interesting to smell.........

woensdag 15 april 2015

Easter weekend

Friday morning, we  started our Easter weekend with picking up our new car. And well it's blue again, but very very blue .... We both had a good laugh about it. .... . Of course I wanted to paint a quilt on it, but my husband had second thoughts about it ; ).
Typical colours of Staphorst
Saturday we drove direction Staphorst and Dalfsen. Three important things. The first one: saturday 25th of april I'm giving a show-and-tell in the Quiltpalace in Staphorst. Two just as much fun:  Dieuwke's aunt and oncle are having a a dog. It's a bordercollie called Bobbie and he is 1,5 years old. 

And because he is a border collie he thought that our sweet Mies was a sheep, so he wanted to herd her. No way Bobbie. Mies is very sweet but stubborn old lady.

And three, it's just fun driving around in your new car, and try everything out ; ).

Easter Sunday and Monday we spend in Epse at my parents. The weather was not too bad, but still we needed our wintercoats brrr brrrr.

I grew up in this little village and went to the primairy school here. 

So it was really fun to meet one of my classmates. She just saw my picture on the facebookpage: "Je bent een echte Epsenaar ...."

And what do the dutch do on their free day? They go cycling!!

My mum and I cycled along the annual 'Kunstroute Lochem' (Art tour). Every year with Easter local artists open their atelier for visitors. Don't you love those sculptures. 

Easter fire in Epse
When you are living in the east part of the Netherlands you have the traditional bonfires for Easter. Large fires are lit at dusk. It is a Saxon, pre-Christian tradition. The Saxons probably believed that around the time of Easter, Spring becomes victorious over Winter. Nowdays the events are sometimes big happenings, with a competition between the little villages.

Easter monday I picked up my quilt to spend some quilting time with Jeltje from the '100rozen' in Deventer. We talked about the quilting days in Deventer in september from the Quiltersgilde. It will be very interesting. If you want to know more: Quilts in Deventer

Take a bike, take a quilt, there we go the dutch quilter!