dinsdag 9 december 2014

Mr Darcy meets Eline Veere

..... if you are in The Hague before the 22 march 2015. Don't forget to go to the Haagse Gemeentemuseum: Romantic Fashion.

Inspired by the 19th century thanks to series like Jane Eyre, Eline Vere, Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey you can admire dresses and costumes.

Cotton dress around 1855

The dresses from the serie Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey dress

maandag 8 december 2014

Slowly but steady ....

.... it isn't very complicated, but to make it really beautiful, it takes lots of practising.

Just like handquilting.

zondag 7 december 2014

Braided rugs ... .... ....

My first attempt.
Preparing cutting strips 1,5 inch.
... ... ... from New England.  My first attempt today on this grey sunday.

I fell in love with those beautiful braided rugs at the Mountain View Inn in Waitsfield from Susan and Fred Spencer. All home-made by Susan. Some of them are more then 40 years old and still in wonderful condition.

I was happy that she found time in the evening to teach me. And I was so lucky that Henk drove me to the Country Braid House in Tilton a few days later where I could buy the tools.

Mountain View Inn

Susie working on another rug.

Country Braid House in Tilton
The braided rug was a staple in early, Colonial American culture. Settlers used scraps of clothing and other excess materials to make a floor covering that would provide warmth and protection for a particular home's inhabitants and guestser.

In the late 1700s, Americans wanted to cover their wooden floors with decorative mats, and braided straw mats were common in homes of the time. In the early 1800s, New Engalnd became a center for woolen fabric mills making wool readily available to New Englanders and it was soon used to braid rugs. Braided wollen rugs became perferred to braided straw mats because they wer more durable and prettier. They remained popular because they were far more affordable than commercially made carpets.

zaterdag 6 december 2014

Sinterklaas 5th of december

Sinterklaas, Sint Nicolaas or pakjesavond (gifts evening) is on the 5th of december. I think we are the ownly country in the world that are celebrating Sinterklaas, with poems and suprisegifts (hide the real gift into the funny gift). Teasing each other.

Although it's especially for little children who still believe in Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet, there are lot of adults who are drawing lots and buying presents and making poems.

This year it was just the four us and the dog: Dieuwke and Willem, Rob and Caro... Mies. We started with our traditional 'gourmet' menu' and then it was time for presents. Here is an impression.

Poem for Mies (our dog)
Woef woef waf waf woef waf waf
waf waf woef woef waf woef waf
kwispel, kwispel, waf waf woef
High five, slobber, woef woef waf
I wonder who is more curious ...
Waf woef, woef waf, lik lik lik,
woef, waf
waf woef
kef kef

with kind regards Sint and Piet

Where is my gift.....

'Blije doos' for Dieuwke and Willem

Made by Dieuwke
We ended the evening with a movie. A very special movie called 'Sint' from the director Dick Maas.

And if you think this would be a nice family film, you are really wrong it's a horror movie!!!!! How good to have quilts on the sofa to hide under (especially Willem).

maandag 1 december 2014

Thank you Cheryl

Every year I'm getting nervous in december. When will the Chookey Secret Xmas Swap arrive? And there it is from Cheryl in Australia. www.cherylsstitchings.blogspot.com

It's so cute, and I love reindeers. This will be added to my reindeer X-mas collection.

The little gift you may open, the big gift has to wait till X-mas morning. Fun fun fun fun....

New England again ....

And then suddenly it's the 1th of december. X-mas is coming and my last post was in the beginning of november.

What did I do in the mean time?

Lots and lots of quilting and embroidery. First I wanted to finish my homespun quilt. Why such a hurry? Last Saturday 29th of november I had a reunion "New England" with Laura, Henk, Joke, Marjoke and Dicky. It was so good to see everybody and see how everybody is doing with her projects. I bought the homespuns during my New England trip.

Laura and Joke were working at at tablerunner for Susan (in New England), I think it's at least 3 metres long.

Dinner is prepared by Henk and Laura for us.

Joke made Bitterkoekjes pudding. "Scrumptious" as Mary from the Great British Bake Off would say.
About Homespun Fabric
Homespun fabric is fabric that is woven in a style similar to the fabrics that primitive women used when weaving their own fabrics at home. Thus the name "homespun" was phrased. 
Marjoke is also working at a X-mas quilt.
As promised made for Dicky.
Homespun fabrics will typically have small imperfections and nubs woven into the fabric.  This is considered a characteristic of the primitive nature of homespun and is not a defect.  Occasionally there will even be slight color variations in the threads but that is usually not noticable with plaids and stripes.  As with all fabrics, our homespun colors will also vary from bolt to bolt depending on the dye lot.

While today's homespuns are usually manufactured in factories, the unique style of weaving colored threads together to form a pattern still remains the primary characteristic of all homespuns. A homespun fabric is usually all cotton and can be identified by the fact that there is no front or back to the fabric. The design is in the color of the threads so both sides are the same. True homespuns are always either plaid, stripe or solid.
Admiring Joke's Di Ford Quilt