dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

Floors and Doors

Our new house begins to look like a real home. During the weekend we had a lot of help from Rob his uncle and my parents. Now we have doors and floors. The doors are with leaded light, very old fashioned, but I really love them. Thursday and friday will be the big days, then we start moving to our new home. Click on PHOTOS to have look around in our new home.

vrijdag 10 oktober 2008

Polar Bears

I found some time between painting and cleaning to do some quilting. So I made a little polar-bears-quilt from the fabrics and patron I bought in Seattle. Yesterday evening at our quiltbee at Evy I finished it. So now it's ready to hang somewhere in our new house (I'm thinking about the toiletroom).

maandag 6 oktober 2008

DIY - Painting is started

Friday the building workers finished their job, so time to start painting. This weekend we finished, with help from our friends Dieuwke and Tale the kitchen, living room and diningroom. So still two weeks to go before they start with the floors. Just three weeks and we're living in our new home.