vrijdag 10 oktober 2008

Polar Bears

I found some time between painting and cleaning to do some quilting. So I made a little polar-bears-quilt from the fabrics and patron I bought in Seattle. Yesterday evening at our quiltbee at Evy I finished it. So now it's ready to hang somewhere in our new house (I'm thinking about the toiletroom).

5 opmerkingen:

Simone zei

Oh, wat een lieverd! Staat vast heel gezellig in je toilet!

Nana's Quilts zei

Yes, indeed, very cute. Wherever you put it, it will be noticed. Oh so fun!


Willeke zei

Wat een schatje!!!

Janaina zei

Aaaawwwww... I love the design!!!!! Its so sweet! Well done!

Ballardquilter zei

I'm glad you found time away from the DIY house projects to quilt. The bears are very cute.