zondag 30 januari 2011

It's cold outside

For the first time since Rob his surgery we're back for a real long weekend in Garderen in our "summerhouse". It's lovely here, there are quiltshops, lots of woods to walk with Paco, and it's not too far from my parents to have dinner together. When we got up this morning it was -7C outside. It will be lovely sunny day, in a few hours we're leaving to Arnhem to meet my niece and cousin and have a walk in Parc Sonsbeek.

zaterdag 29 januari 2011


Five o'clock in the morning is not too early for breakfast. xoxoxo, The Cat.
Please take the kitten back wherever you found him. xoxoxo, The Cat.

I bought this fabric sometime ago, it was so funny, but I didn't know what to do with it. I think all quilters have this problem from time to time. You buy fabric just because it's so beautifull. And then one day, you know what to do with it. My niece Esther is a catlover and tomorrow we're going to visit her and her husband. Wel I hope she likes the mugrug and bookcover as her birthday present.

maandag 24 januari 2011


I already wrote that Jansen moved to Granny. Well Basje moved to Dieuwke her new red car, what's a car without a dachshund! Especially when he's wearing a red scarf.

A few people asked if I'm a dog fan. Well I don't have a dachshund, but I got very hairy, black, rather unsocialized, sweet little english cocker spaniel called Paco. He's now almost 11 years old. He still loves to walk, and now I'm started my running training he keeps me company. If you're interested in my doorstopper dachshund pattern just let me know.

zondag 23 januari 2011

A grey sunday in januar

The only springtime is in my window sill.

What did I do this week? Yesterday I started my running training, I want to run the 5 kilometers in Leiden in mai. It was fun. Let see how it's going on, maybe I have to rename my blog in a few weeks into the: "the running quilter".

I worked a lot on one of my antique quilts, a log cabin from around the 1900's, because it were just quilted pieces, I sewed them all together (quilt-as-you-go method). For the back I made bias strips, so it will be a little bit stronger, because the quilt is rather damaged and fragile, but it feels so soft.

I also found some fabric to put a new border around it, that needs to be quilting. But when it's finished, it will be number 4 of my repaired antique quilts. Don't worry number 5 is waiting for me.

maandag 17 januari 2011

Jansen moved to Granny

Dachshund Jansen, prototype number 4 moved to Granny (83 years old). She lives in Amsterdam, it's only a 30 minutes drive. It's always very relaxing to be there. You're not a visitor, but you can just do what you want to do. The sun shining in her livingroom I was sitting on the sofa working on my mug rugs. Rob baked us pancakes. And Granny was busy knitting. A perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon. Friday 4th februar she will come along for a quilting day at my house, my sister-in-law Mariet is going to start her first quilt then. I warned her not to start quilting, but she didn't want to listen, another quilt-addict in the Netherlands? Maybe!

zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Little house on the prairie

What do you do on a saturday afternoon, after an exhausting quiltmorning? Well you watch: Little house on the prairie (54 DVD's with all the episodes) during quilting. The mailman delivered them friday. Hurrah!

Meet Supergoof

Saturday morning (8 a.m.), it's dark and still raining when we're driving on the highway. We (Dieuwke and I) are on our way to Tilburg to meet Supergoof.

She's doing a show-and-tell at Dorry. Arrival at Tilburg: 9.30. Dorry is waiting for us with coffee and cake. Around 10.00 a.m. Supergoof (Ingrid) starts her show-and-tell. I can tell you all about her quilts but you better can have a look at the PHOTOS pictures I made. All her quilts are handmade. She doesn't even have a sewingmachine for the binding. Some of her quilts really became a hype, like her "Klosjes quilt" (spool quilt).
Do you want to know how many people you can get in Dorry's livingroom: well about 25 quilters. We just fit in. A lovely morning, so we left two dog doorstoppers for Dorry and Supergoof. That's why Dieuwke and I were busy this week designing and sewing dachshunds. Because Supergoofs dachshund Yeppe died tragically this winter.

donderdag 13 januari 2011

Mug Rug

Have you ever heard of mug rug? I didn't. But there is a fun swap from the Quilting Gallery I'm going to enjoy. A mug rug is a kind of big coaster (about 6 inches x 10 inches), where you can put your mug/cup and snack on.

maandag 10 januari 2011


What did I do this weekend? Well beside visiting friends and quiltshopping I was busy to design a doorstopper "Dachshund". I really respect designers, it isn't easy and takes a lots of time and work. After two attempts this is the first dog I think is pretty good. It still needs a few changes, so there will be next attempt later this week.

zaterdag 8 januari 2011

Evy and Petra got a "new" shop

Oke it isn't really a new shop, it's the Quilterspalet in The Hague. But the shop moved from number 23 to number 13. This weekend its re-opening. Dieuwke and I went for a visit. And really, Petra and Evy turned it into a lovely quiltshop. There is much more space (that means more fabrics), and they have separate classroom. If you have nothing to do this weekend, they're open from 10.00 - 17.00, and there is 25% discount on all fabrics.

And as a real dutch girl I did put my bike just in front of the shop.

By the way, this little dog I made moved to their shop, it's a doorstopper.

zondag 2 januari 2011

Live well, laugh much, love often

My SSCS2010 arrived safely at Julie in Australia. I made her little wallhanger.