vrijdag 24 oktober 2014


..... I'm getting a very lazy blogwriter ; ).

 But autumn is always a busy time, there are birthdays to celebrate and at work it's busy because we have to make the plans for 2015.

We had a busy summer with lots of guests from june till september. Now it's just the two us and the painting man ; ).

He started wednesday painting our six  doors in the hallway. He is also going to do my sidetable in the kitchen, at least this table won't be standing in the kitchen without paint for six years ; ). I hope he will be finished today so we can make our house 'dust free". Oh I really hate DIY.

Most of the time that's left I use for quilting and sporting. I'm busy with this top, made from the homespuns I bought in New England.  Dieuwke is coming to help me sandwich it, after our weekly wednesday dinner. The challenge is to finish the quilt before the cold winter eve's are here.

So now it's friday, and I'm thinking, oh no it's already friday. What happened to the rest of the week.

And then there are 5.011 pictures to sort out from my quilttrip to New England. Last saturday I went to Laura to pick them up. I need some cold and rainy weekends.

Welcome autumn, I think you are my favorite season.

Here more pictures of my trip:
All the suitcases, and you know, I managed to come back with no extra suitcase.
Our group: Henk, Dicky, me, Joke, Laura and Marjoke. 

We are tired, please stop making pictures ; )

zaterdag 11 oktober 2014

There she is ... ..... .......

.... with her black apron and bonnet. Ready to go out. I call her Hannah ... now she is waiting for her sisters.

Amish typically choose Biblical first names, or names with a long tradition in the particular family or community.  Examples of common Biblical first names for women are: Mary, Ruth, Sarah, Martha, Hanah and Miriam.

Typical Amish name in Lancaster.

Women and girls wear long dresses that are never shorter than calf length. 
The dresses may be in a variety of solid colors depending on the individual community, but are always covered with black or white aprons. Now flowerish dresses.  According to Amish dress code, the hair of Amish women and girls must always be covered in public. Women wear white prayer caps, usually made of organza and stiffened with starch. Married women wear dark bonnets over the prayer caps, but in some communities, the outer bonnet is worn only in cold weather.

She is about 10 inch long (25 cm).

dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

Next step ..

.... the dress is ready. Tomorrow her bonnet and apron. Time to go bed. Busy week after my holidays at work. Catching up with all the work. Still treasuring all the good memories.

zondag 5 oktober 2014

Intercourse : heart of the Amish country

Table at our summerhouse
Saturday 29/9, driving through the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, visiting several quiltshops. I have to make list for the next time ; ).

I hadn't really a wish list, if you are a quilter you don't need a wishlist, we can quickly make up our wishlist .

But I had two things: 
1. batting (not very interesting)
2.  a book about "making amish dolls'. 

You should think it would be easy in Lancaster, but it was only in the 4th quiltshop that I found a book. It wasn't even on the shelve, so they had to pick it from the attic. But even more suprisingsly, the lady in the shop wrote the book. Of course a picture! 

This weekend I started my first doll, the body wasn't too complicated, the dress however, seems pretty hard when I was reading the instructions. 

But you just have to do it, step-by-step. Like the Ikea-furniture, if you miss a step there will be a leftover at the end. Still working at the doll. Hope to show you the result end of the week.

if you want to read more about the Amish way of living go to website about Intercourse. 

Here is a list of the quiltshops we visited: 
Old Country Store - Intercourse
Log Cabin Quilt shop - Bird-in-hand
Zook's - Intercourse
Burkholder - Denver

Not the traditionally Amish quilts,but made by Amish women to be sold .....
Lovely baskets, of course I couldn't resist.

The author Jan and me.

donderdag 2 oktober 2014

Back home

I only can say I had a fantastic adventure travelling through New England with Joke, Marjoke, Laura, Henk and Dicky. Still enjoying every moment.

I'm trying to organize my pictures, I took more then 1500 photos, and made a webalbum with a selection of my pictures. So don't worry.

My very comfy bed at the Mountain View Inn.
Thursday 18/9: Flying from Amsterdam to Philadelphi, we arrived at 14.00 a.m. and had some time to visit the Dutch Eating Place.

Friday 19/9: All day walking around on the sewing expo

Saturday 20/9: Driving through Amish country, we found also some nice quiltshops.

Sunday 21/9: Visiting Philadelphia, and then on the plane to Boston. We arrived at 10.30 pm at our B&B, they left a note on the door and the key under the doormat.

Monday 22/9: Shellburn Open Air Museum with a beautiful collection of antique quilts

Tuesday 23/9: Von Trapp Family Lodge, Ben&Jerries, and a quiltshop

Wednesday 24/9: Billington Farm, and some quiltshops

Thursday 25/9: Driving North to another B&B, Keepsake Quilting and the Braided Rug Store

Friday 26/9: Lowell, visiting New England Quiltmuseum, how amazing that we found some quiltshops.

Saturday 27/9: Shaker Village, and a quiltshop to start with it in the morning.

Sunday 28/9: Coffee in Boston and then to Philadelphia and Amsterdam. No quiltshopping today.

Monday 29/9: Arrival at the airport at 8 in the morning. Just in time to be back at work 10.30 a.m. to have my first meeting.

I think I need another holiday.