zondag 31 januari 2010


I never heard of a Trunkshow, and I never had heard of Sue Daley (australian designer), but that didn't matter. There so much to learn and see about quilting.

Sue did a wonderful show-and-tell in the Quilterspalet in The Hague. Petra and Evy managed to get 30 chairs in the shop, quite amazing. THANKS!!! Sue uses the technique of English Paper Piecing for her quilts. You can do beautiful things with this technique, as you can see on the pictures.

I think Dieuwke and I loved her "Pie and Tarts" Quilts the best. It's a perfect way to get rid of your scraps.

Especially as she told us: "the scraps you don't like, make your quilt special". You know us quilters: we buy a piece of fabric, treasure it for some time, put in a drawer because it's so nice, so we won't use it, and after a few years we look at it, and say: How could I ever buy this ugly fabric. Well as Sue told us: That are the fabrics you need for your "pie and tarts" quilt.

The only other thing you need is lots of time, because it's all hand-pieced, and the pieces are rather small. But the advantage is you can take your English Paper Piecing everywhere, just put it in your handbag, and sew when you get a chance.

Another new project to start in 2010... well maybe.

My exchange arrived.. from Belgium

I'm still busy with my winterexchange, and I totally forgot that someone is also sending me a present. So it was a real suprise saturday to find this lovely gifts in my mailbox. The theme was "winter", and I love those potholders Anita from Belgium made for me. I think I will use them as little wallhangers, they far too nice to be used. One of the fun things was to send a little souvenir as well, so isn't the belgium cow funny, it's a tape-measure. THANKS ANITA.

Spanish cooking, part 2

Another fun evening with Maria, Jose and 6 "students" (including me and mum) to learn some Spanish recipes, and having a dinner together. The first time (in december) we made the mistake, by having a small dinner at home before we went. This time we didn't have dinner at home, even this dinner for us dutch is late, around 20.30. We like to eat: 18.00!

Still snow in the Netherlands. We're having a real winter.

Part 3 of Spanish cooking will friday 18 april. Probably now snow then. PICTURES Spanis Cooking

This was the menu:

Gazpacho (cold tomato soup, it's more for the summer, but with 8 warm people in the kitchen, it tasted very well)

Stuffed mushrooms

Pincho de huevo duro, see the picture (this was the part my mum and I made, very tastefull)

Chicken in the oven (not my favorite)

And for dessert we had Abricot with greek/bulgarian yoghurt.

maandag 25 januari 2010

Lizard quilt

Yesterday (sunday) I finished my lizard quilt. I think it has turned out great, and I'm really in the mood for some more experience with batik. Especially to work with "raw edge applique". I think this method is something that goes very well with these kind of fabrics. It's very easy and you can find very good instructions on Youtube.
Well the first project of this year is finished (all done on my sewing machine ) and give away to Tale, a good friend from us, who really loves lizards.

As you can see I'm busy with my next project. I had some batiks left, so I want to make a quilt in the hallway.
Facts and figures '30's quilt: 49 blocks finished, 61 to go.

dinsdag 19 januari 2010

You might be a quilter if .......

This is the title of an article I read in the weekend in an old quilt-magazine (Fons & Porters, jan. 2004) of Marne. And it was so funny. And then I thought: Am I addicted to quilting? Well, last week I found some pieces of fabric in my office at work, probably fell of my clothes. Oooeps. I don't have clothes without threads on them. My sewingmachine is always ready to use, so I have to hurry for work in the morning, and tear myself away from my quiltroom. Today I'm going away for a 3-day course from work about leadership. What do I take with me: my sewing machine. I think I have a serious problem : ).

Here some "quotes" from the article:

We'd rather buy fabric than have a pedicure. Even though we might not be able to give you directions to the nearest hospital, we know exactly to the quarter mile (fat quarter mile, mind you) how far it is to every quilt shop within commuting distance.

We quilters speak a language all our own, talking about fat quarters, rotary cutters and bias edges. Our husband and children are accustomed to sitting on lost needles and stepping on stray pins.

We quilters, can't balance our checkbook, but we can figure to the quarter yard how much fabric you need to make a scrappy, queensize Mariner's Compass Quilt.

Our dogs wears tiny vests with "I live with a Quilter", appliqued on the back.

There is not room in our pantry for groceries, - it's full of fabric, as are the hall closet, the china cabinet, and the guest bedroom. In fact, your husband has threatened to put locks on his dressers drawers, if you keep eyeing them the way you do.

Well how about you? Can you also claim guild for those actions?
Have a nice quiltweek, Caro

vrijdag 15 januari 2010

Still snow fun in the Netherlands ....

.... just af few days, and then after the weekend the snow will melt down. This weekend we're in the woods around Garderen. There is much more snow over here between 6-8 inch. Paco found himself a new activity: rolling through the snow.

And you don't have to go Austria or Switzerlands to do some cross country skiing, we have our own track (loipe) just around the corner. I think it's a long time ago that they used the signs, they needed some new paint.
41 blocks finished, 69 to go

zondag 10 januari 2010

Winter wonderland

This the view from our house on the front side. We live on the second and third floor. It's my favorite spot, on the sofa with my quilt looking through the window into the snowy street.

39 blocks finished, 71 blocks to go

36 blocks finished ....74 blocks and 4 borders to go

A new year, one of my challenges for this year is: finish my 30's quilt with Dieuwke and Willemijn. So this week Dieuwke and I did a couple of blocks. Their cat Titus kept us company.
Today I hope to finish at least 4 blocks, there is a cold wind blowing around the house, the European Championship Iceskating is on the TV, so the best thing to do is, stay at home and quilt.

woensdag 6 januari 2010


One of my challenges for 2010 is to reduce my stock of fabrics (before I go to Seattle). So my "lizard quilt" is the first project. It's almost finished. Every spare moment since januar 1, I used working on this quilt, sometimes early in the morning before I went to work. (I know we quiltpeople are addicted and crazy). I didn't use any pattern, only wanted to use as much of my batiks as possible.

You could say a new experience, that worked out very well. The lizards are sew on the machine. I used a technique I learned in a Workshop with Dijanna Cevaal a couple of years ago. You just use free quilting to go around the applications. Very simple, but I love this technique when I use batiks.
Good news: my stock is reduced with 4 yards and 1 fat quarter.

dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Back to work .....

.... and we still got a real winter in the Netherlands. This is how Rob looks when he goes to work on his bike at 07.00 o'clock in the morning.