zondag 30 september 2012

Quiltgirls on a roll .....

.... sunday morning 8.30 a.m. watch the highway. There we (Dieuwke, Diana and me)  come. On our way,  fully packed, to Bep for the Featherweight Day.

Fun, fun, fun, what else is there to say, meeting all those Feathers girls + one boy. Bep's house is such a fine place to be. We got spoiled all day with food. Yammie.

And there are all kind of treasures everywhere you look around.

Fun, fun, fun, our challenge-project for today a featherweight bear. I cheated, instead of making a bear I worked on a quilt for Mies. The top is almost finished.

Fun, fun, fun, to show some of my antique quilts. If you made some pictures and want to use them, no problem. Just let me know, I would love to see them. I haven't made any pictures myself ; ).

THANKS BEP AND GERARD, I'm looking forward to the next Featherweight Day. Be sure I will be there ; ).

zaterdag 29 september 2012

Quilting and studying

The days of just quilting are over. Next tuesday my study starts again. So that means making choices, when to quilt or not.

This week I finished a baby quilt for a collegue of Rob. I met Emma (a quilter from England) she and her family are just moved from french to the Netherlands. It was really nice meeting her.

And now I said to myself just a short post and then back to my study Business Administration/Management Science. From now till december the subject is Marketing. End of the december I have to finish my businesscase.

But tomorrow it's all about quilting. Featherweight Day at Atelier Bep, her shop is also open (from 11.00 - 16.00) so your welcome at the Heimeriete 3
6964 BJ Hall. I will take some of my antique quilts with me.

woensdag 26 september 2012

Granny's kitchen

Saturday, the day after the party. In the afternoon I drove to granny so we could do some work together: making mouses. Aren't they cute, you can use them as an pincushion.

And of course Granny made us a great dinner: stew!

Four nights of sleep before the featherweight day at Atelier Bep. Oh that will be fun. Tomorrow I meet Emma, she's an english quilter who lives also in The Hague. Does anybody know if there is an english-speaking quiltbee in The Hague. She likes to meet english-speaking quilters.

zaterdag 22 september 2012

All dressed up

 You will not  see me often in such a fancy dress. To be honest this was my first time in a real evening dress.

One of our quiltfriends from the "mutsenclub" got married today.

I borrowed the dress from Dieuwke, she made it herself and it did fit me very well, and I liked it very much.

The party was in sociĆ«teit De Witte. It's a beautiful old building on the "Plein"in the centre of The Hague. It was founded in 1802, originally it was only for (gentle)men, but nowdays that's changed, women are allowed as well.

We're still planning to join the sociteit next year.

maandag 17 september 2012

Back home

Vacation is almost over, yesterday we came home. Rob is going to work tomorrow and I start on wednesday. Today we made a cycle-tour direction Katwijk. And we ended the vacation as I started it. With a glass of white wine and a "broodje kroket" (kind of bread with saucage) at Mauce. You know our favorite place in the Theresiastraat.

vrijdag 14 september 2012


The most interesting place in Detmold is the 'Die Werkstatt Patchwork & mehr" ; ). Today I got my necessary vitamins. (Four days without visiting a patchworkshop).

In Deventer I bought the book 'The Mystery Quilt" from Veronique Requena, there is a beautiful dog quilt pattern in it. So I spend a very nice hour in the shop with the owner Petra Herbrechtsmeier looking for the right fabrics.

What's that with quilters, they always have to check if there is a quiltshop they can visit during their holiday. Well if you're in Detmold (Germany) don't forget this one. It's worthwhile.

Happily coming out of the quiltshop with a bag full of fabrics.

Of course there is more to see in Detmold, most important is the Hermann Monument.

To give you an idea, the monument is 54 metres high and was build between 1838 - 1875. It was the dream of the sculptor Ernst von Bandel, to build a monument for the Cherusian Prince Arminius. Leader of the germanic tribes against the Romans. At that time (1838) they thought the german name of the leader was Hermann. Now it's still called "The Hermann".

It was just a short visit, rain and cold wind blowing around the hill top.

 We had some difficulties with parking our car in Detmold. You can only pay with coins (no creditcard).

Well we gave all our coins to the ferryman yesterday, because at the first call we disturbed him eating his soup and the second time he was just drinking his coffee. So two times he had to hurry.

Then a nice german lady gave us a parkingticket for an hour, because her shopping was a little bit shorter then she expected. When Rob was laying the the ticket behind the window there was a windblow, and gone was our ticket, we couldn't find it anymore.
So in the end I bought the cheapest cookie 40 eurocent to get some coins.

Tomorrow it's back home, wednesday holidays are over.
The morning we spend in the historical centre of Detmold.

Mies is a curious dog

Mies really is a curious dog, she likes to watch everything and when she comes somewhere new she first wants to inspect everything. In her case that means sniffing around the whole place. The little movie shows Mies on the ferry.

My adventures in Germany (Mies reporting)

It's holiday time so they, Rob and Caro (my masters) decided to leave the country. Oh boy what a lot of stuff they took with them for just a few days. Caro had to take her complete quilt equipment and Rob his computer stuff. I'm just perfectly happy with my own pillow for a nice nap.

On our way to Germany I met some of Rob's family, the two poodles Fame and Macy of his mum and Loes. They were just jumping and barking around me, so I made myself very big just to let them know I like it quiet. So after that was settled I could quietly sniff through the whole garden and house.

In the afternoon we arrived in Bad Dribug (Teutoburger Wald).

On Thursday after my morning nap (which I found a little bit too short) we all went exploring the surroundings. From Hoxter (town with very nice houses) we drove along the Weser (river). Unfortunately they missed the directions of the host in the hotel for a good "schnitzel" restaurant and so, we were standing on the wrong bank of the river. But with the little ferry (you had to phone the ferry man) we crossed the water to the Schnitzel restaurant.

And when they did the schnitzel thing I took my little nap.

Today they made some plans for Detmold, it seems that the woman found a patchworkshop and she got some ideas to make a quilt for me. And of course she doesn't have the right fabric ; ).

dinsdag 11 september 2012

Last day of our quilttrip: Exhibition in Deventer

Because we weren't so far from Deventer we decided to visit the Quilt Exhibition. Maybe we are gertting spoiled, but we weren't too enthousiastic about it. The exhibition was organised by the Quiltersgilde and there were a lots and lots of art quilts and just a few traditional quilts and two antique quilts.Impression of the exhibition

Art Quilts are just not my kind of thing. Some of  them are more like paintings then quilts. For me, quilts must feel warm and softly, you wrap them around you, and they give you comfort. But I'm just a conservative quilter who loves traditional quilts and patterns. But for a change I would really like a nice exhibition with antique and traditional quilts, like the exhibition in Bunschoten-Spakenburg with the traditional costume quilts. 

Day 5 of our quilttrip

With two portions of Marco's home made bami we left Dalfsen on saturday eve to Epe. Dieuwke's mum was on holiday so on sunday we turned her home into a quilting palace. We spend the day in the kitchen and garden, just quilting, and in the evening we watched "Little house on the prairie". I finished the triangle borders around my Spakenburger Quilt. No time for pictures. Just a quiet quilting day.
Impression of the Lemmer exhibition
Impression of Dalfsen

Day 3 and 4 of Dieuwke's and Caro's quilting trip : Dalfsen

Friday and saturday we stayed at Joke and Marco.

Poor Marco 2,5 days with three quilting girls, but I think we took enough Duvels (beer) to keep him happy.

Dalfsen is a sweet quiet little village, but saturday it was full of life with all kind of excitement.
We started in the church, where our friend Willy (together with the choir she joins) gave a little concert.

From there we went to the "Herefords", such fun watching those big cows and bulls, some weighted more then 1200 kg. The cows were inspected and had to move to the middle of the meadow. Well some of them weren't in the mood so there guides had a hard time and were draged all over the place.

 If you think our trip around Dalfsen was finished, no way, several estates where open, and this one had a beautiful garden.
 But there was more in Dalfsen, ever seen such interesting costume cloth underwear?

Handwerkboetiek Roden

What can I say, thousands and thousand of embroidery patterns in this little town in the north of the Netherland. We spend more then two hours looking around, and I finally had to drag Dieuwke out, because we wouldn't be in time for dinner with Joke and Marco (her aunt and oncle). The next weeks I will show you the progress of my embroidery projects.

Day 2 of our quilttrip: Miss. A. Poppe-Bangma

On our way to Roden to the embroidery shop we made a stop halfway in Lemmer. In this little fishing town we found a suprise: An exhibition of miss Anneke Poppe-Bangma (right on the picture), a neeldle work teacher from 1920-1940. Knitting examples, embroidery, childrens clothes are all collected in the attic of the Oudheidskamer. But there are more treasures in this museum like old embroidery samplers, bags, shoes and costume clothes.

donderdag 6 september 2012

Dorry, the first day of Dieuwke's and Caro's Quilt trip

Unexpectly we landed in a bee at Dorry (Tilburg) yesterday. She really has a lovely shop, and you always feels so welcome, coffee, tea, and Mr. Bingley at your feet. Well I took my camera with me, only without a memory card. So if you want an impression of Dorry's shop just go to her blog.

For Diana our "new" quiltfriend it was the first time, Dorry's shop was a suprising discovery. She bought fabrics for the basket quilt from the book "When the cold wind blows". She promised to send a picture of her first basket.

Dorry is always a place to meet new quilters like Bernadette, she just started quilting a year ago and started her blog, so just have a look at her blog, she would really like that.

zondag 2 september 2012

Beautiful women of Spakenburg .....

..... with their kraplappen. Click on the link to get an impression of the Spakenburger Fishery Day.

Happy Birthday Mies

Confirm her passport Mies was born on 1-9-1999, so last saturday she became 13 years old. She's doing great! Already 8 weeks and two days she joins our life.

See how she loves to play with Rob in this little movie.