dinsdag 11 september 2012

Day 3 and 4 of Dieuwke's and Caro's quilting trip : Dalfsen

Friday and saturday we stayed at Joke and Marco.

Poor Marco 2,5 days with three quilting girls, but I think we took enough Duvels (beer) to keep him happy.

Dalfsen is a sweet quiet little village, but saturday it was full of life with all kind of excitement.
We started in the church, where our friend Willy (together with the choir she joins) gave a little concert.

From there we went to the "Herefords", such fun watching those big cows and bulls, some weighted more then 1200 kg. The cows were inspected and had to move to the middle of the meadow. Well some of them weren't in the mood so there guides had a hard time and were draged all over the place.

 If you think our trip around Dalfsen was finished, no way, several estates where open, and this one had a beautiful garden.
 But there was more in Dalfsen, ever seen such interesting costume cloth underwear?

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