vrijdag 14 september 2012


The most interesting place in Detmold is the 'Die Werkstatt Patchwork & mehr" ; ). Today I got my necessary vitamins. (Four days without visiting a patchworkshop).

In Deventer I bought the book 'The Mystery Quilt" from Veronique Requena, there is a beautiful dog quilt pattern in it. So I spend a very nice hour in the shop with the owner Petra Herbrechtsmeier looking for the right fabrics.

What's that with quilters, they always have to check if there is a quiltshop they can visit during their holiday. Well if you're in Detmold (Germany) don't forget this one. It's worthwhile.

Happily coming out of the quiltshop with a bag full of fabrics.

Of course there is more to see in Detmold, most important is the Hermann Monument.

To give you an idea, the monument is 54 metres high and was build between 1838 - 1875. It was the dream of the sculptor Ernst von Bandel, to build a monument for the Cherusian Prince Arminius. Leader of the germanic tribes against the Romans. At that time (1838) they thought the german name of the leader was Hermann. Now it's still called "The Hermann".

It was just a short visit, rain and cold wind blowing around the hill top.

 We had some difficulties with parking our car in Detmold. You can only pay with coins (no creditcard).

Well we gave all our coins to the ferryman yesterday, because at the first call we disturbed him eating his soup and the second time he was just drinking his coffee. So two times he had to hurry.

Then a nice german lady gave us a parkingticket for an hour, because her shopping was a little bit shorter then she expected. When Rob was laying the the ticket behind the window there was a windblow, and gone was our ticket, we couldn't find it anymore.
So in the end I bought the cheapest cookie 40 eurocent to get some coins.

Tomorrow it's back home, wednesday holidays are over.
The morning we spend in the historical centre of Detmold.

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Nana's Quilts zei

You are having (or should I say, had) some great adventures. The weather seemed to be lovely. I do love the red fabrics. Wonderful. I haven't sat behind my machine in ages. But Sunday is a sewing day with Ronda. Yeah! I will take lots of photos to show you. Glad you had a good holiday.