woensdag 26 september 2012

Granny's kitchen

Saturday, the day after the party. In the afternoon I drove to granny so we could do some work together: making mouses. Aren't they cute, you can use them as an pincushion.

And of course Granny made us a great dinner: stew!

Four nights of sleep before the featherweight day at Atelier Bep. Oh that will be fun. Tomorrow I meet Emma, she's an english quilter who lives also in The Hague. Does anybody know if there is an english-speaking quiltbee in The Hague. She likes to meet english-speaking quilters.

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

Very cute mouse-je. Save me the pattern, please. I hope that your koffee/thee date goes well and that she is delightful. M.

bep zei

Hoi Carolien, nog een paar nachtjes slapen. Neem je nog een paar mooie oude quilts mee om te showen, groetjes Bep