maandag 24 februari 2014


A cold wind was blowing over the water from the Dobbeplas close to The Hague.

More then 40 dogs full of excitement to start walking and raise money for the Senior Dog Shelter Home in Wassenaar. And then there is of course our dog Mies, as always quiet going her own way, nothing can disturb her calmness ; ).

zondag 23 februari 2014


.... my studybooks of this lovely pile of quiltmagazines brought by the mailman. All the way from Seattle.....from Elaine, one of the ladies I met at Stashbusters, isn't that sweet of her.

Did I finish this top or not, still doubting, doing two extra rows to make a rectangle or leave it a square.
Computer or sewing machine....
Life is full of choices. Enjoy your sunday!!!!!

woensdag 19 februari 2014

Best friends

Willem (our wednesday evening kid) and Mies

zondag 16 februari 2014

Baby quilt finished

This is a coproduction from Dieuwke and me. It's for your friend Yvette, who is expecting her first baby any day now. So I spend most of my saturday afternoon watching speed-skating and quilting in our summerhouse.

Beside a little visit in the morning at the "Kastanje" close to Spakenburg. Here you can by all kind of local products. 


A few times a year I'm coming along with Dieuwke, we are driving to her mum. She has a very good hairdresser who comes along at home. So we are having a lovely afternoon, drinking tea and chatting all around the kitchen table waiting for our haircut.

vrijdag 7 februari 2014

Going on .....

..... making more bags for the children in the Emma Hospital in Amsterdam. Ok it isn't my taste, but I got some advice from kids  and they love it!!! It's cool.

She doesn't know yet, but it's bathing time again!!!!!

dinsdag 4 februari 2014

Handleiding sondevoedingzakjes / Instruction drip feed bags (for the tubes)

Zie het bericht van Carina.het gaat hartstikke goed.

Ik heb zelf inmiddels ook een paar zakjes gemaakt. Ik vind het prettiger om ze met een binnenvoering te maken, het is eigenlijk net zoveel werk, en je hebt gelijk alle naadjes weggewerkt. Zie de foto's voor de werkwijze. Ik gebruik gewoon een goedkoop lapje katoen voor de binnenkant, een stukje oud laken werkt ook.

On the blog of Carina you can see that dutch quilters started an action to make drip feed bags for the Childrens hospital in Amsterdam.  This is the way I make the bags.  I prefer to make them with a lining inside, it's ease and you don't have any seams. I use muslin for the inside.

Het zakjes is ongeveer 10cm hoogte x 9cm breedte.
The bags are about: 3,5 inch width x 4 inch height.

Wat heb je nodig / What do you need:
- 1x bretelclip, suspendor clip
- stofje voor de buitenkant, fabric outside
- stofje voor de binnenkant, fabric inside
 - klittenband, velcro fastener

Snij/klip 4 lapjes van 11x13 cm, 2 voor de buitenkant, 2 voor de binnenkant.
Snij 1 lapje van ongeveer 11x6 cm voor het hangertje van de bretel.

Cut 4 rectangels 4inch x 4,5 inch, 2 from outer fabric, 2 from inner fabric
Cut 1 rectangel 2,5 x 8 inch for the suspendor clip, dependable the size.

Preparations, cut the fabric. Voorbereiding stofjes snijden.
First make the hanger for the suspendor. Eerst het bandje voor de bretel maken.
Pin it in the middle of the inner fabric. Speld het vast in het midden van de voeringstof.
Pin one piece of the outer fabric on the inner fabric short side. Speld een lapje van de voorkant en achterkant tegen elkaar, en stik de korte kant aan elkaar. Doe dit ook met het andere lapje, en vergeet niet het bandje met de bretelclip mee te stikken.
Result, resultaat
Pin the fabric with the good side together. Speld de lapjes met de goede kanten tegen elkaar.
Leave a hole to turn it. Laat een opening om het zakje te kunnen keren.
Stitch around, leave an opening to turn. Stik het zakje en laat bij de lichte stof een opening over om het te keren.
Knip de hoekjes af, Cut off the corners.
Turn the bag. Keer het zakje

Result if you turn it. Resultaat van het gekeerde zakje.
Stitch the hole in the lining. Stik de keeropening dicht.
Stitch the tape inside. Stik een stukje klittenband aan de binnekant.
Finished, Klaar!!!!! And another happy child.

zondag 2 februari 2014

Little hospital bag

It was a lovely sunny sunday morning. We enjoyed making a walk with Mies in the morning, and a little cycling tour afterwards, despite the cold wind blowing through the dunes.

And what about this little bag. Isn't it cute. I prefer to make them with a lining inside. It's the same amount of work, but you don't have any seams.

zaterdag 1 februari 2014

Children's hospital Amsterdam

If you have nothing to do tomorrow, have a look on the side of Carina, she wants to make 100 little bags for the Emma Children's hospital in Amsterdam. If you want to join: click here carina!
This is a picture of the bag the children are getting in the Hospital. Well we quilters can do better then that!!!

On my own .......

The Featherweight Rabbit
Lunch at Emma
There is granny.

.... don't worry!!

Just for a couple of hours. Rob is to granny, and I made a big mess here with all my study books, papers and laptops on the dining table.

Work in progress

With just an easy dinner, leftover spaghetti  from wednesday eve and some nice choclate brown cake I survive.

Vlaamsch Broodhuys in the "Fred"


Emma's new project
Saturday morning,  time for breakfast together.
Not to forget the Hageslag.

After six years they finally finished the house in front of us. What a nice view we have. Nice quilters are welcome, the red house is for sale.
 What's going on here? The first month in my new job, I really enjoy it. Then there was last weekend. Saturday afternoon Granny and I made the Featherweight rabbits. They are so cute.

The best butter of the Netherlands ; )
In Granny's kitchen
Well the rest of the week was: sport, exercise, skype with Marne, wednesday dinner with Dieuwke and Willem, study, more study, work, walk the dog, lunch with Emma and the kids, cook dinner, making a mess of the house, cleaning up the house, walk Mies in the rain, a cyclingtour, shoe repair man, lunch in the Vlaamse Broodhuys, dinner with my sister-in-law at the Tapasbar, having a drink on thursday eve at ONZ.

No time to get bored.

I'm still working at the applique border of my Spakenburger project, I hope to finish it this month so I can start quilting. Pictures on my next post. Enjoy your saturday eve.