zaterdag 1 februari 2014

On my own .......

The Featherweight Rabbit
Lunch at Emma
There is granny.

.... don't worry!!

Just for a couple of hours. Rob is to granny, and I made a big mess here with all my study books, papers and laptops on the dining table.

Work in progress

With just an easy dinner, leftover spaghetti  from wednesday eve and some nice choclate brown cake I survive.

Vlaamsch Broodhuys in the "Fred"


Emma's new project
Saturday morning,  time for breakfast together.
Not to forget the Hageslag.

After six years they finally finished the house in front of us. What a nice view we have. Nice quilters are welcome, the red house is for sale.
 What's going on here? The first month in my new job, I really enjoy it. Then there was last weekend. Saturday afternoon Granny and I made the Featherweight rabbits. They are so cute.

The best butter of the Netherlands ; )
In Granny's kitchen
Well the rest of the week was: sport, exercise, skype with Marne, wednesday dinner with Dieuwke and Willem, study, more study, work, walk the dog, lunch with Emma and the kids, cook dinner, making a mess of the house, cleaning up the house, walk Mies in the rain, a cyclingtour, shoe repair man, lunch in the Vlaamse Broodhuys, dinner with my sister-in-law at the Tapasbar, having a drink on thursday eve at ONZ.

No time to get bored.

I'm still working at the applique border of my Spakenburger project, I hope to finish it this month so I can start quilting. Pictures on my next post. Enjoy your saturday eve.

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carina zei

Bedankt voor het linken! Ik zal kijken of ik morgen nog een paar fotos bij doe. Leuk! Zeker als het heeeeel veel word dan bied ik ze gewoon bij een ander ziekenhuis aan!