vrijdag 29 maart 2013

Van Ootjes Goet

This is the book from the exposition last year in Bunschoten-Spakenburg. (One of my costume quilts was showed there). The book was my birthday present. Really a fantastic book!!! You can buy it by sending an email to:  quiltboek@gmail.com. Or you can buy it in the Museum Spakenburg or at Dorpsstraat 142, tel.033-2982005; Beethovenlaan 57,

This quilt in the book you can also admire untill the 1th of june in the Museum Spakenburg.

For quilters ....

..... if you're interested in costume fabrics you really should visit the exposition in the Museum Spakenburg. It's called "stof tot nadenken", and if you're there don't forget to visit my favorite museum behind the Noorderkerk, Klederdracht- en Visserij Museum. Both museums are on walking distance (5 minutes) from each other. You can visit the exposition till the first of june.

Why this exposition?
Kraplappen, over the shoulders
Nowdays there  there are only 200 woman left who wearing the traditional costumes of Spakenburg and Bunschoten. And there number is lowering very quickly. A big loss for the community because it's not only about the costumes, but also the personal stories and the meaning of the fabrics. For example the afternoon "kraplap" (shoulder part) purple with little red flowers. This was very suitable for going to friends for a visit or to the choir.

Hard to keep your secrets in those days ; )/

maandag 18 maart 2013

Look what's on my dining table.....

 ........ it's a quilttop!!!!!! Hurraaaaaaaay, I finished part 3 (Logistics) of my study Business Science / Administration yesterday. Half of april starts Financial management. But till then it's quilting time and cleaning the house (Marne and Elaine will be here in less then a month). 
What did I do? 
I took one my antique quilts out of the cupboard. It's one of the first antique quilttops I bought. It's probably from 1880-1890. It has been a quilt once, because you could still see it was tied (instead of quilted). But I think the batting and backing were too bad, so they removed the quilt top. Well now it's almost a quilt again. I know some people think you should leave it the way you found it. I like to repair them and turn them into quilts. Kind of giving them a second life.

Caro is back in quilting town ; )

zondag 17 maart 2013

Two discoveries in The Hague

There are always new things to explore in The Hague, even if you're already living for 5 years here. Friday night we went to the Theatre. It was a kind of cabaret with Martine Sandifort and Remco Vrijdag in Diligentia, it was the first time we visited this theater. And we were very enthousiastic about it. It's a very small theater, but it feels warm and cosy.

 But there was more to discover a new restaurant in the Theresiastraat "The Tabasco Bar". It's there since september 2012, so not so new, but for some reason it didn't appeal to us. But last night, we said come on, let's try something new.

Well that was a very good idea. Good food, wine and nice people. So this won't be the last time that we will have dinner there.

Actually next friday Emma and I will go there for my birthday dinner party.

Girls night out! Sorry no men allowed!!!!

Mies, the movie

There she is on the dogshow.

Dogshow with Mies

Mies just before appearance on the catwalk
Friday and saturday was the annual voluntary action "NL Doet" in the Netherlands. Several activities all over the country were organised to do something for other people. We made a very small contribution, and actually Mies did most of the work. Our dogtrainer Angelique organised a dogshow in a nursinghome. So at 13.00 p.m. on saturday there were 12 exciting, barking (not Mies, she always very relaxed) dogs waiting for their performance. Mies her performance was just showing herself ; ), she doesn't know any tricks but she so sweet and pettable.  I think she was the prettiest dog!!!

vrijdag 15 maart 2013

I wonder ....

..... how many times there was snow on my birthday?

Well it doesn't happen often, but in 1995 the Netherlands were also covered with snow.  But the coldest day was 1987, - 5.7C. In 1972 when I became 5 years old I could wear my new dress without stockings, it was 18.4C.

As they say in dutch "maart roert zijn staart".   

Bron: http://www.meteolink.nl/maart-historie.html

zaterdag 9 maart 2013

Rain, rain, rain ....

.... and gues what? More rain tomorrow!!! Tonight we played jass (klaverjassen in dutch) with Dieuwke and Eric. It was long time ago we picked up the cards. But it was really fun. You play it with two pairs opposite each other. (Better not play it with your husband probably ; ).

In France and North-America there are similar games Belote and Tarbish."Jas" in klaverjassen means "jacket" and stands for "trump card". In klaverjassen the highest trump card is the farmer. They also say it comes from the french word "jacques" for farmer.

vrijdag 8 maart 2013

What are they doing on my pillow?

My masters had a very busy day, preparing a goutmetparty for their friends. I'm always happy when there are visitors coming, because I like being pat, sometimes they even want to brush me. But what happend today was very strange.

I wanted to do a little nap on my pillow in the halway, but it was occupied by two little people. Strange things can happen in a doglife.

woensdag 6 maart 2013

Dinner at wednesday eve

What's on the menu: wraps!!

If you hop in for dinner on wednesday eve, your probably eat "chili con carne" it's our favorite recipe for the wednesday eve. Last wednesday it was eight of us: Emma, Nathan, Lucy, Olivier, Dieuwke, Willem, Rob, myself and two dogs: Baily (very tired) and Mies.

Just let me know if you're in for some quilting and food!  (And it'sn't  that good advertising for "coca cola".)

Welcome to my kitchen

Sometimes I'm so busy, that my head is filled with my studies (business administration - logistics), that I didn't made time to blog. There is not much quilting going on here at the moment, as you can see at my dining table.

Mostly it's filled with books and papers. But I found some time to make this little kitchen quilt together with granny. The pattern is from Atelier Bep.