zaterdag 28 juni 2008

X-mas quilt

After two years I finished the top of my X-mas quilt. The quilt is made with german fabrics The back is made with the leftovers. So last week I started sandwiching the quilt. I don't like sandwiching very much, I think it's rather boring, but it's part of the process. I use a spoon to pick-up the needle. The spoon is from my childhood, so that makes it special. So the challenge is: will this quilt be finished before X-mas 2008.

maandag 23 juni 2008

Blog anniversary, one year and one week...

A year and one week ago I started my blog, 17th june 2007. I really love to write on my blog. I made new friends and many people left a reaction on my blog, wich is really fun. Thank you so much.

To celebrate my bloganniversary I'll send a little gift to one my readers. So please leave a note behind in the reactions. The 1th july I'll pick somebody and send that person a little mini-quilt. (I'll contact the winner for his full name and adress).
By the way: it doesn't matter where you live, everybody has the same chance in the "lottery".

zondag 22 juni 2008

Flowers in the garden

For three weeks we stayed in The Hague, but this weekend we went to our summerhouse. The last weeks in Holland we had changing weather: rain, wind and sunshine. Our flowers liked it, .

vrijdag 13 juni 2008

Dutch words: Oranjekoorts, paniekvoetbal

It's soccertime in Europe. Last saturday the European Championship started. The Dutch did a very good job, they won monday from Italy. Tonight is the big game against France. The dutch has gone grazy, you can buy everywhere "orange" things. People wearing orange clothes, have orange hair, colouring their house orange, eat orange food. In one of the supermarkt you can get "welpies" with your groceries. Welpies are little lions. The lion is the national symbol of the Netherlands, orange (oranje in dutch) comes from House of Orange (Royal Dutch family).

If you want some fun with dutch words:

donderdag 12 juni 2008

Every wednesday-evening quiltbee

Yesterday was our weekly quiltbee. We started once a month at Evy's shop (, but we thought, well that's not much. So we picked a second day, so we can quilt together twice a month. Also not enough. So now it's a every week on wednesday. I hope that's enough.

zondag 8 juni 2008

Weekend Report and strawberries...

This weekend we stayed in The Hague. On friday we started the weekend together with our friend Tale at our favorite "pub" When the weather is good it's a lovely place to have drink and a snack outside. Saturday we chosed the carpets for our new home, so that's done. In the evening dinner at Rob his grandmother, she's very good cook. Sunday was a sunny day in the Netherlands about 23C, we did a 9-miles walk on the beach and through the dunes. In the afternoon I went quilting at Dieuwke, so we could discuss our plans for Willemijn, another quiltfriend of us who's expecting a baby in september. Busy time with three baby-gifts to make. Thom (Rob's brother) and Astrid expecting their first baby in september, Hans (my brother) and Ekaete are expecting their second baby in december.

And of course I want to make some things for my new home. This is for my kitchen: strawberries.