vrijdag 30 mei 2014

This quilt is getting bigger and bigger!

I started with 5x5 blocks. Too small. Then I did 7x7 blocks. I didn't like it as a square. Now I have blocks for 7 x 9. But I didn't like that either. So maybe an extra row and make it 7 x 10. What do you think?

I love my Spakenburger mourning purples.

Some stolen moments that I'm working at this quilt. I have to finish my last paper for my study half of july. So most of the time my diningtable is covered with books and my computer.....

.... and a cup of coffee. I like this american "thing", getting a big cup of coffee in the BLT at the Theresiastraat. Brings back all the good memories of my holidays with Marne and Elaine in Seattle.

maandag 19 mei 2014


The Museum behind the Noorderkerk is open again. They close in wintertime and open in springtime. I wrote already several times on my blog about this museum, but it's really worthwhile visiting: Klederdracht en Visserij Museum

One of those little museum in the Netherlands run by volunteers from the church. Why do I love this museum so much?

Several resaons:

the people that are working there know lots and lots of interesting stories; the Quilts most of them made of Spakenburger fabrics; and the little shop, where you have a chance to buy old traditional costume fabrics.

So don't forget to make a little stop at Spakenburg when you're around.

zaterdag 10 mei 2014

It's already May, doing this and that

With my mum and dad a cycling tour a long the IJssel around Deventer.
For some reason I'm a little bit lazy on my blog. Maybe it's because there is facebook. Maybe because there is so much going on, like making holiday plans, finishing my last subject for my study Business Science, spending time with my new e-reader, which I really really love. Time for my friends, some are having a hard time.

And of course there is still my Spakenburger quilt to finish. And my hospital project.

 I will post about it later this week. But the Children's hospital also like to participate in the project of the little bags for children.

This is very interesting tree. It looks like somebody hang little white flaggs in it.

Here you can make 'dreamcatchers". Aren't they beautfull, all you need is some wood, wool, beads and feathers. The children can make them at the Estate: http://www.cultureclubdehaere.nl/

 Bep had her first open sunday of this year. So we can resist her beautifull garden. The cat on the table and me, doing a little workshop.

So you see there is a lot going on.