vrijdag 31 december 2010

Happy 2011

Plans are made, friends to visit, quiltingadventures, I think 2011 will be another exciting year.
We wish you all a very happy and healthy 2011. Rob, Caro and Paco

donderdag 30 december 2010

Our house is ..

..... filled with X-mas memories. Each year I make some new, each year my boxes in the attic are getting filled more and more. The little ornaments in our X-mas tree were from my grandmother and probably 50-60 years old. The X-mas stable was made by a friend (Ben, he died in 1999) somewhere in '92 or '93. The Santa Claus was one of my first projects and made in 1989. The embroidered X-mas hearts are from my first X-mas swap. The X-mas quilt on the chair is my first X-mas quilt, made from westfalen fabrics, it took me two years to finish it. The mooses are from this year, the wallhanger in the hallway from last year. The little socks Rob and Caro from Marne, so is the table runner. So everything means something to me. Just a few days more to enjoy and then another year to wait.

zaterdag 25 december 2010

SSCS 2010

Chookey's Secret Santa Claus Swap.

I did sent my package to Jewells in Australia, and I got a package back from Teresa also from Australia. Everybody had to wait till X-mas day opening it. So Rob and I had lots of fun at breakfast unwrapping our gifts from several parts of the world. Isn't this snowman made by Teresa very cute. THANKS TERESA, it's hanging on my door now. And doesn't Rob looks good with his new Seattle scarf.

donderdag 23 december 2010

Wintertime at Palace Soestdijk

Palace Soestdijk is temporarily open for public (till 31/12/2010). Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard lived here from 1937 till their death in 2004.

So I arranged tickets for my parents (and myself) as a birthday present. We started with a lunch in the "Organgery" and then we had guided tour through parts of the palace. It's very special to walk around the rooms wich you only know from the TV. The central block contains several official reception rooms wich are still decorated and furnished in the original style, with beautiful paintings along the walls. The right wing (Baarn) was the family wing, most of the family rooms are empty now.

I must say the palace looks much bigger on TV, the palace is rather small, and especially the family rooms, like the study rooms of Bernard and Juliana are very intimate and cosy. It's lovely situated in the park. Espcially now with all the snow. The big question now is: what are they're going to do with the Palace. I hope they keep it open for public, because it's an very interesting part of our history.

Originally it was build around 1650 as a hunting lodge. In 1814 King William II and his and his Russian wife, Princess Anna Paulowna, had Soestdijk converted into a real summer palace, they added the two wings and furnished into Imperial style. The Queen Mother Emma was particularly fond of the Palace. In 1928 she received a special present on her 70th birthday: electric lighting at Soestdijk Palace.

It was not until 1937 that Soestdijk Palace became permanently occupied, when Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard took up residence here after their marriage. In 1940 after the invastion of Germany they left and they returned in 19945. Even today it is still remembered how on Queen’s Day the complete royal family viewed the festive parades from the steps. (
Wich are rather small and narrow, so it must be really crowded with all the family standing there.).

maandag 20 december 2010

My mum's old sewing basket

Unless all the snow, we still spend the weekend in the eastern part of the Netherlands, visiting my mother-in-laws and my parents.
When I was a kid my mum had an old sewing basket, to keep her embroidery thread. I still remembered it. So on this lazy sunday morning at my parents house I asked my mum if she still got it. And yes she found it on the attic.
She made this at school when she about 15 years old, so I can tell you it's over 50 years old. The condition is rather good, it still got bright colours, and it only needs a few repairs.
It's about 11 inches high and made from wool and jute. My mum and I decided to make new ones, so now we're in the search for some wool and jute.

It's snowy here in the Netherlands

Since friday we got lots and lots of snow here. I think here in The Hage we have between 8-12 inches snow now. And although there is a lot of complaining, no trains, no trams, and lots of traffic jam, Paco doesn't care, he adores snow.

zondag 12 december 2010

Crazy Exchange X-mas

Marne's X-mas table runner with hand-quilting.
Thanks Marne I love your X-mas present.

donderdag 9 december 2010


I love december, the time before X-mas, when the days are cold, short and dark. Time to decorate my home with all kind of stuff.
Each year I try to make some new things, so my X-mas boxes get filled more and more each year.
This moose I really like, it's from the book: Fein eingefadelt / Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen.
Don't forget to pay special attention to the hand-knitted socks and scarf. They're specially made by Rob his granny (she's 83 years old now).

maandag 6 december 2010

Winter Fun

We had a very snowy weekend in The Hague. So I spend a lot of time in my quiltroom watching out the window, and listening to the radio. It's one of my favorite spots. Can you see it snowing outside?

Today there was suprise in my mailbox, the SSCS2010 swap. It arrived all the way from Australia.

Teresa made me this lovely X-mas ornament. I adore it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She also sent me a beautiful Australian Calender and a X-mas surpise, but that has to wait till the 25th december. I'm really curious, it feels soft.

So watch my blog on the 25th to see her surprise.

woensdag 1 december 2010

Blackberry X-mas bag

Maybe you didn't know, but they do exist, a special little X-mas bag to carry your blackberry. Isn't it cute. The pattern is from Brenda Gervais.

But I won't use it before the 5th of december, first we have Sinterklaas in the Netherlands.

Do you know Sinterklaas?
Sinterklaas is a traditional Winter holiday figure in the Netherlands, Belgium, Antilles and Suriname, he is celebrated annually on Saint Nicholas' eve (5 December) . It's a childrens feast and celebrates the name day of Saint Nicolas (280–342), patron saint of children and sailors. Saint Nicholas was a bishop of Myra, present day Turkey. But there are more myths about Sinterklaas. Just some important things to know:

- Sinterklaas has a staff and mischievous helpers with black faces, they're called "Zwarte Piet"
- Sinterklaas rides the roof tops with his gray horse Amerigo

- Children put their shoes filled with straw and carrots in front of the chimney, and sing little songs, they hope Sint brings them little gifts.
- He's arrving in november by boat from Spain, his boat is loaded with gifts.
- Adults make little funyy poems to go along with the gifts to tease each other a little bit.

Sinterklaas is his usual name. The more formal name is Sint Nicolaas or Sint Nikolaas. He is also known as Goedheiligman or simply Sint.
I know as we were little kids, Sinterklaas was always a very exciting time.

zondag 28 november 2010

More family news

It seems that the last days were all about "nephews". Now my DH is recorvering from surgery, his sister came along with her youngest son (our nephew) to keep us company, play some computergames (the nephew) and to cook for us. She's a very good cook, so we didn't say no to her offer!!!
She did the cooking, and I teached her about needlecraft and stitching, so her first project is finished a "French Bread Bag". I think it turned out very well, so I'm thinking too about making one for my kitchen.
Here is a short instruction: the bag is: 50 cm high, 32,5 cm width, so you need two pieces of fabrics: 50cm x 65 cm, and one piece of batting of the same size. I used the instructions from Pacific Fabric "wine bag", to make it. For the handles you need two pieces of fabric of: about 30 cm x 5 cm. Make a tube, don't forget to pin them between the fabric before you start sewing.
She already started her second project as well a little wallhanger, and she's also thinking about a third project a quilt on the sofa. Oh dear, do we have a new quilter in town?
Today there was a party from our nephew Kevin, he married Marliese a few weeks ago, and today we celebrated it. Unfortunetaley without my DH. But I have to start another baby-quilt, because she's expecting a baby in april.

What did I do this weekend? Take care of my DH, walk the dog, make more mooses and feed the birds (although I hadn't expect an exotic bird).
It's going to be a cold week (-6 Celsius).

vrijdag 26 november 2010

Welcome to the family

This is Christian my new nephew, he's born 26 november, 5.21 p.m. local time. In this case local time means China time. My brother, sister-in-law and their three kids now are still living in China. So it probably will take some time before I can see him.

maandag 22 november 2010

My moose

I love to make mooses, I already made several ones. This pattern I got from a friend last saturday. Isn't she/he cute. I think I will make a few more, because they're so nice to hang on your doors.

vrijdag 19 november 2010

Little X-mas trees

After my big KF project, and the X-mas tree project that was much too complicated I made this little X-mas tree quilts, they're about 5x6 inch. The pattern is from Atelier Bep. The originally pattern is with little rusty bells, but I must say I like my little star buttons as well. Next week more about my big X-mas project.

zondag 14 november 2010

Too complicated

Sometimes it's just too complicated.
Even with 4 years of quilt experience.

In march I bought this lovely pattern when I was visiting Marne in Seattle. I thought this would be a beautiful X-mas quilt. So what can you do on a rainy sunday afternoon: right, start your X-mas quilt!

When I was reading the instructions my heart sank in to my shoes, 10 pages of instructions, each row is different, the sewing and cutting. I like a quilt-challenge, but not this one ; ).
So I'm going to make a X-mas quilt with those lovely fabrics, just a nice and easy pattern.
But if you're looking for a challenge, I'm happy to send you the original pattern.

zaterdag 13 november 2010

An amazing story ....

about lost packages and the most famous postmaster in the quilting world: Connie (from Henderson).
You can read the whole story on Sandi's blog.
Some of you may remember that back in August I posted about the Posey Pincushion swap that I joined over at QuiltingGallery. I sent my little swap package off on August 18th. I posted about it here. I was so excited for my partner Caroline to receive the package as I chose autumn colors which she said were her favorite. I only had to make the needlecase for the swap but it looked lonely so I made a pincushion to go with it and tucked in fat quarters of the fabrics that you see in the photo. Time passed, a month, and no little package arrived at Caroline's door.

donderdag 11 november 2010

Life is filled with Sew many blessings!

That's what Sandi wrote to me on the parcel. It finally arrived safely in The Hague, the first time it was sent back after 2,5 months by the Postoffice here in the Netherlands. Sandi forgot one line of my adress and with 479.000 people in The Hague.... it seemed a little bit of a problem to find me ; ).

As you know I love swaps, and this swap (Applique Posy needle case) was from the Quilting Gallery.

Oke, I had to wait a little bit longer, but she sent me a really lovely parcel, with all kind of suprises like a lovely handmade pincushion and needlecase, beautiful autumn fabric ( I like autumn with the wind and rain around your house and falling leaves, it's really quilting weather), and some other little gifts, including a "wool" pattern/kit she designed by herself. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

maandag 8 november 2010

Just a quick note ...

to let you know that my KF-quilt is on my bed. Cold nights are welcome!! Watch the KF doggie quilt.

vrijdag 5 november 2010

I can hear you thinking...

... another Kaffe Fassett Project!!! YES!
This is really really the last project. This are the leftovers from the leftovers, just enough to make a Kaffe Fassett Doggie Quilt. I can't let Paco sleep in his basket in the bedroom without a matching Kaffe Fassett quilt ; ).

woensdag 3 november 2010

Still 15 rows to go......

it's going slowly but steady. My Kaffe Fassett Quilt is almost finished. Because of the wintertime I'm awake very early. It always take me a few weeks to get used to it. But doesn't matter, why not quilting at 5 a.m. in the morning? Are there any more quiltes who like to quilt early in the morning (before you go to work). Please let me know!!

This is how my sewing machine looks when you put a really big quilt under it: 2m30 x 2m70

zondag 31 oktober 2010

An extra hour this weekend....

means an extra hour quilting. The European zone is going from summer to winter time.

And that's not all. It's also quilting weather in the Netherlands: RAIN.
Time to go finishing my Kaffe Fasset Quilt, before the cold nights are coming.
Saturday evening I spend three hours of ironing, I wish Marne was here ; ), she likes ironing. This morning I got up at 6 a.m. and spend two hours of sandwiching. Paco is keeping me company in his own quilting basket with his own doggie quilt.