zondag 28 november 2010

More family news

It seems that the last days were all about "nephews". Now my DH is recorvering from surgery, his sister came along with her youngest son (our nephew) to keep us company, play some computergames (the nephew) and to cook for us. She's a very good cook, so we didn't say no to her offer!!!
She did the cooking, and I teached her about needlecraft and stitching, so her first project is finished a "French Bread Bag". I think it turned out very well, so I'm thinking too about making one for my kitchen.
Here is a short instruction: the bag is: 50 cm high, 32,5 cm width, so you need two pieces of fabrics: 50cm x 65 cm, and one piece of batting of the same size. I used the instructions from Pacific Fabric "wine bag", to make it. For the handles you need two pieces of fabric of: about 30 cm x 5 cm. Make a tube, don't forget to pin them between the fabric before you start sewing.
She already started her second project as well a little wallhanger, and she's also thinking about a third project a quilt on the sofa. Oh dear, do we have a new quilter in town?
Today there was a party from our nephew Kevin, he married Marliese a few weeks ago, and today we celebrated it. Unfortunetaley without my DH. But I have to start another baby-quilt, because she's expecting a baby in april.

What did I do this weekend? Take care of my DH, walk the dog, make more mooses and feed the birds (although I hadn't expect an exotic bird).
It's going to be a cold week (-6 Celsius).

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Nana's Quilts zei

What a lovely, newsy blog today. Nice photos. How very fun that Rob's sister enjoyed her sewing/crafting visit. Yes, you can certainly increase the number of quilters. Maybe we can visit with her when I'm there - we just keep spreading this international quilt sisterhood. :-)