zondag 14 november 2010

Too complicated

Sometimes it's just too complicated.
Even with 4 years of quilt experience.

In march I bought this lovely pattern when I was visiting Marne in Seattle. I thought this would be a beautiful X-mas quilt. So what can you do on a rainy sunday afternoon: right, start your X-mas quilt!

When I was reading the instructions my heart sank in to my shoes, 10 pages of instructions, each row is different, the sewing and cutting. I like a quilt-challenge, but not this one ; ).
So I'm going to make a X-mas quilt with those lovely fabrics, just a nice and easy pattern.
But if you're looking for a challenge, I'm happy to send you the original pattern.

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

AWWWW - come on! You can do this! It is so cute. Save the pattern - perhaps one of these days you will feel up for it. I have lots of neutrals for the background - if you wish. I will save them for you. :-)

^A^ngel zei

Maybe you just felt a little overwhelmed by it...save it for later...and target it a little bit at a time... ;-)

Hope everybody is doing well...



**We've moved...I'm no longer in Seattle.. (will send you an email with more info)