woensdag 30 april 2014

I love spring!!!

 What do you like about spring? A glass of wine at the end of a work day outside? Visit Geertjes farm and feed the baby-goats? Or just walk with Mies through parc Clingendaal in The Hague? Oh it makes me so happy a few days nice, sunny warm weather. Enjoy every moment.

woensdag 23 april 2014

Again sandsculptures in Garderen

You look around, another week full of activities is gone.

Our Easter weekend we spend in Garderen at our summerhouse. The weather much better as expected.

On saturday we did a high tea with my parents and my mothers-in-law.

During the High Tea we made a break and  visited the annual exhibition of sandsculptures. It was amazing. The theme this year was "the golden age of the Netherlands".

donderdag 17 april 2014

Our sweet old "new" dog

Do you know those "make-over" programs? Well  we did one with Mies ; ). Instead of thick long wintercoat she is now prepared for the summer.

After, we hardly recognized here, but we are sure we took the right dog.

Warm and cosy on her quilt, giving us her most pityful look.
.Oh she is so good in this look, makes you feel so quilty.


It's Saturday morning the 5th of april, a quiet breakfast in the morning. No newspapers anymore on the table just a tablet. Times are changing.

Patchwork Days Rijswijk
This weekend we have the Patchwork and Quiltdays in Rijswijk, you could say, just around the corner. Here a few pictures of quilt I liked. I must say it's mostly art quilts, and those are not my favorite. Maybe I'm too conservative, but I like traditional quilts.

 And don't you think the quiltfun was over. No I had a whole sunday to go with Dieuwke, Emma, Joke, Willy and Lucy (the youngest member ; ). She sewed her first little pillow.

I was so busy talking that I forgot to take more pictures.

And the boys?
Rob and Willem spent the whole Sunday in Drievliet having a great time.

woensdag 2 april 2014

Juliana Children's Hospital in The Hague / Juliana Kinderziekenhuis Den Haag

Helping the Children's Hospital with little and big bags. Remember the action of Carina for the Emma Childrens hospital in Amsterdam?
Well I contacted the Juliana Childrens Hospital, and they were very enthousiastic about the project. Lucky Carina had some extra so their 75 little bags on their way to the Hospital.

I also made a big bag, because to cover the drip-feed-bag.

So if you want to help me to make a little bag or a big bag. Just contact me for the pattern.The big bags stay in the hospital, the little bags the children can keep. Pattern for the little bags: http://www.caro-en-rob.blogspot.nl/2014/02/handleiding-sondevoedingzakjes.htm

Herinneren jullie nog de actie van Carina voor het Emma Kinderziekenhuis in Amsterdam. Ik dacht misschien heeft het Juliana Kinderziekenhuis ook wel belangstelling. Dus ik een paar foto's en een email opgestuurd. Nou ze waren wild-enthousiast. Dus een eerste stapel kleine zakjes is afgeleverd. Maar ze vonden het zo leuk dat we samen hebben besloten ook voor de grote zakken waar de voeding in zit ook zakken te maken. En zeg nou eerlijk dat staat toch een stuk vrolijker in plaats van zo'n plastic zak. De grote zakken blijven trouwens in het ziekenhuis, de kleine zakjes mogen ze mee naar huis nemen.

Heb je zin om mij mee te helpen, vind je het leuk een kleine of een grote zak te naaien. Mail mij even voor de maten. Het patroon van de kleine zakjes vind je hieronder.


dinsdag 1 april 2014

Isn't it funny .......

...... our Mies got a lot of attention from some probably Chinese or Korean tourists walking between de windmills of Kinderdijk.

Several times they made pictures of her, or together with her. Pretty amazing for us. Why? Well I found this on the internet:

Tibetian terriƫrs were bred and raised in monasteries by lamas over 2000 years ago, Tibetan Terriers were kept as good luck charms, mascots, watchdogs, and companions.
Known as the "Holy Dogs of Tibet", they were never sold but only given as gifts by monks to promote good fortune.  As such, the early history of the breed is linked to only a handful of foundation dogs. Recent DNA analysis has concluded that the Tibetan Terrier is descended from the most ancient dog breeds.

It seems that we have a very interesting dog ; ).
Unknow lady from China who really wanted to be on the photo with Mies. She wasn't the only one.

Weekend with our german friends

Binnehof The Hague
Just some pictures to give you an impression of a great weekend with our friends Hubert and Sabine. We were very lucky with the weather. Couldn't be better. So we cycled through the Hague on friday, with a stop at the beach. And on saturday windmills (Kinderdijk) and Delft. Again on our bike, because Delft is only 10 kilometers from our house.

Panorama Mesdag

Kurhaus in Scheveningen. I love the sculpture of the mermaid.
German Beer ; )

Huis den Bosch, nobody answering.