dinsdag 26 mei 2009

Not much sleep this night ....

It started around 22.30, and now it's around 04.17 in the morning. It's a night full of lightening and thunder.

zondag 24 mei 2009

Ark of Noah, Dedication of Promise

Promise is my little niece, she was born in China in januar.
And now it's first time that I saw her, because my brother, sister-in-law and their little son are on holiday in the Netherlands. Today was the Dedication of Promise, a very special day for the parents, family and church-community, because they're asked to take care of her.

So I made this wallhanger with Ark of Noah, wich I love very much, I like the animals and the african print. On the other picture you see two very proud grandmothers.

Coasters for Tale and Elske

Saturday for a week we were at Tale and Elske for dinner. Tale is very good cook and a very good friend. So dinner was lovely. I made coasters for them, each with their own colour. I think I need some balance-days as we say in the Netherlands. We started with bread and all kind of salades, and then we went for asperges hmmm. I just eat much too much.

zondag 17 mei 2009

Making Lemon Pie

This sunday-morning started with rain, lots of rain I can tell you. SoRob decided to do some painting, and I thought maybe it's a good idea to do some housekeeping. Cleaning the kitchen I found two cans with "sweet condensed milk". When Marne was here in march she made three times lemon pie. "Heel lekker". So she left me the recipe and this morning I started making it all on my own. Well we have to wait till teatime to see if it tastes just as good as Marne's Lemon Pie. I never had heard of "sweet condensed milk", but our AH (Albert Heijn) just around the corner sells it, so for the dutch it's easy to get, it's from 'Friese Vlag" I found it at the coconut milk etc.
Marne's Lemon Pie

- 3 citroenen
- 2 blikjes gezoete gecondenseerde melk (AH/Friese Vlag)
- 1/2 pak ronde tarwebiscuitjes (175-200 gram)
- 4 -5 theelepels suiker
- 175 gram roomboter

Verkruimel de biscuitjes, voeg suiker en gesmolten boter toe. Zorg dat de kruimels aan elkaar plakken. Neem een bakblik: bekleed de bodem en een stukje van de rand (ongeveer 2 cm ) met het deeg.

Rasp van 1 citroen de schil. Pers de citroenen uit, gebruik de pulp ook. Voeg de blikjes melk toe. Meng de ingrediĆ«nten. Giet de vulling over de bodem. Dek de taart af. Plaats de taart in de koelkast en laat deze opstijven, ongeveer 4 – 6 uur.

Eet smakelijk

zaterdag 16 mei 2009

Coasters in blue and green

Time goes so fast, and I was rather busy at work, so I didn't take time to do my weblog. But I'm still in quilting-business. Last week I made this coasters, they're a goodbye-present for somebody from my work. Marne teached me how to make them. They're easy to make but a still a very personal gift.

zondag 3 mei 2009

100 Roses

Yesterday (saturday) I went with my mother to Deventer. Deventer is the town I went to Highschool and it's close to the little village I grew up. So we took our bike, and cycled to the Quiltshop "100 rozen" (http://www.quiltshop100rozen.nl/) in the Walstraat (very nice shopping street).
Somebody told me every quilter once in her life has to make a quilt with roses.
I had to pick out my birthday-gift, so we choose some beautiful rose- fabrics together, so I can start with my "rose-quilt". When I have finished the first 4 blocks (totally 12) we're going again together to choose some new fabrics for the next blocks. I'm really looking forward to it.

The shop had a lovely pattern, with hearts from rose-fabric. And this morning I made a block just to see if I had the right measures in inches. I prefer to work in inches instead of centimetres. The block is 17,5 x 17,5 inch (44,5 cm). The small squares are 4 inch (including seamallowance).

Holiday in springtime

Queen's day
A few days free from work, so we went to our chalet on the Veluwe. Last thursday (30 april) it was Queen's Day (Koninginnedag). A day with celebrations, markets, concerts etc. etc, also a public holiday in the Netherlands, everything is coloured in orange. Queen's day 2009 ended unexpected dramatically with an attack on the Royal Family, several people got killed. So we spend some time in front of the TV.

As you can see on the picture Paco likes to take a mud-bath during his walks. Keeps his skin soft and shiny ; ), and they're free.

We visited the sand-sculptures in Garderen, very impressing you can see on the pictures in my webalbum. The theme is the castles of Gelderland.

Spotting wild boars

Close to our summerhouse is a place where you can spot wild boars (wilde zwijnen), most of the time there is nothing to see but this time we were lucky.

Marne's Lemon Pie

When Marne and Elaine were with us in The Hague, Marne made several times "Lemon Pie" for us. So I wrote the recipe down on a piece of fabric, made border around it, with lemon-fabric Marne sent me, and now I have a little "lemon pie quilt" hanging in my kitchen. Isn't also fun as a little gift. Your favorite recipe on a little quilt.