zondag 3 mei 2009

100 Roses

Yesterday (saturday) I went with my mother to Deventer. Deventer is the town I went to Highschool and it's close to the little village I grew up. So we took our bike, and cycled to the Quiltshop "100 rozen" (http://www.quiltshop100rozen.nl/) in the Walstraat (very nice shopping street).
Somebody told me every quilter once in her life has to make a quilt with roses.
I had to pick out my birthday-gift, so we choose some beautiful rose- fabrics together, so I can start with my "rose-quilt". When I have finished the first 4 blocks (totally 12) we're going again together to choose some new fabrics for the next blocks. I'm really looking forward to it.

The shop had a lovely pattern, with hearts from rose-fabric. And this morning I made a block just to see if I had the right measures in inches. I prefer to work in inches instead of centimetres. The block is 17,5 x 17,5 inch (44,5 cm). The small squares are 4 inch (including seamallowance).

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jeltje zei

Hi Caroline, so you got the right measures for the harts quilt. I was also looking for your quilt with the house in the centerpiece. And the flowers around it. If its is finished can you publish it on your weblog? Keep on doing the good work and see you around,