woensdag 24 april 2013

Spoiled with antique quilts

The name of the block is prairie queen.
My friend Marne really spoiled me this time as she came to the Netherlands. She took three complete antique finished quilts with her. Can you believe that? She bought them at the superfluity (rommelmarkt) from her church. She and Elaine are always busy with sorting things out and other kind of preparations. And I think she told everyone over there that I really love old quilts, so they all keep their eyes open for me.

Marne's friend Roz found some information for me, and that's very special because beside of my Grace quilt I have no clues about my antique quilts.

To Caro, from Roz, 11 april 2013
The antique blue/white quilt (circa 1910-1930)  is all handpieced and handquilted, 62 inch wide x 77 inch long. No restorations, all original top, batting, and muslin backing. It's in a fair condition and waiting to be lovingly restored or appreciate its creativity as is. The quilt was given to me by Archie Reid (from University Congregational Church United Church of Christ) in 2001 when he moved from Seattle to Yakima (Washington). He said it was created by either his mother or grandmother and, having no family of his own and being an only child, he gave it to me. Now I'm giving it to you.

Isn't that sweet. I felt really touched. Thank you Roz (and Marne for bringing it).

The son of Mies

Mies, the mummy of Zorro

As you probably know our sweet old lady dog Mies is coming from a shelter in Belgium (Dieren zonder Dak). But this wasn't the first shelter. Dieren zonder Dak took some dogs from the shelter http://www.sansfamille.be because they had too many dogs. We didn't know the name of her first shelter so we never had contact before.

Last weekend they called us to ask how Mies (Misjoe/Miloe) was doing, so we finally had the chance to know a little bit more about Mies her past. Mies and her son Zorro were taken out of the house of a man (who had a big drinking problem). It wasn't that the dogs didn't get enough food, but they were really neglected in attention, going out. Anyway they didn't take care of them properly.

Mies her son Zorro is still in the shelter, and I really wished we could take him with us. But we can't. So http://www.sansfamille.be (they also speak dutch), info@sansfamille.be. I hope Zorro will find a good home as well.
if you know somebody looking for a very sweet 8 year old dog, very socialized, lovely to people, please contact

dinsdag 23 april 2013


Check this video on youtube it's from the Missouri Quilt Company and called Disappearing 4 patch. My friend Marne sent it to me, she and Elaine are coming in less then 10 days now to Netherlands. Marne loves patterns sew-and-cut-and-sew.

Who's that in my kitchen?

Yeaaah, it's Marne, we're cooking bami together. Last wednesday Marne and Elaine arrived in the Netherlands, and they will stay here for several weeks. The first night they stayed at our place, on thursday they moved to their "own" house just a 1.1 km walk from our home.

This is so great. We already have spending a lot of time together. So many things are going on, dinners, cycling tour, Haagse markt. I promise you in my next post more about all the adventures with the "Seattle" girls.

maandag 15 april 2013

Facebook, skype, blogs, what's app....

we, e- girls, are so busy to keep everybody informed that I forgot to mention that I finished another antique quilt on my blog.

I bought this quilttop in 2010 in Seattle during a quiltexpo. Once it was a quilt, but it was in rather bad condition so they took off the top. Now it's a quilt again. I added a backing and batting and tied the quilt. And of course it really became a quilt after the binding.

Originally the quilt was tied with white cotton, so I try to find cotton (perle) that looked almost the same. Period: 1870-1890. It's hard to have an exact date, but this is what the lady told me.

Two days and then Marne and Elaine will be here for a month. Hurraahhh!! Looking so forward to see them again, it's almost two years ago. And how "e" we have been on skype, it's so good to see them in person.

vrijdag 5 april 2013

Quilt Epo in Rijswijk

This year the Patchwork and Quiltdays were in Rijswijk. For Emma and me that's just around around our corner.

We loved Dorry's Antique Quilts. And I must say that made it special today. We spend there most of our time. Really worthwhile to give a good look.

The modern arts quilts are just not for me, so we "run" through it.

Anything bought?  Well if I say nothing you probably won't believe me. But we both have been very modes, for me it was just two darkblue  fat quarters and some buttons for my whale quilt.

We have been good girls ; ).


maandag 1 april 2013

Happy Easter

It's amazing. Today we didn't start with snow, but with sunshine. Still the temperatures are very low, -5 C. We're still surviving in our summerhouse, with all the  heating on, it's warm and comfortable. And with my quiltstuff around me.

Mies her favorite spot is in front of the heater. It's blowing warm air, and you can hear her snoring.

Easter sunday we were at my parents, my sisters was there as well with her kids and dog. Of course my mum needed a special Easter table cloth for the kitchen stove.