maandag 1 april 2013

Happy Easter

It's amazing. Today we didn't start with snow, but with sunshine. Still the temperatures are very low, -5 C. We're still surviving in our summerhouse, with all the  heating on, it's warm and comfortable. And with my quiltstuff around me.

Mies her favorite spot is in front of the heater. It's blowing warm air, and you can hear her snoring.

Easter sunday we were at my parents, my sisters was there as well with her kids and dog. Of course my mum needed a special Easter table cloth for the kitchen stove.

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Marne zei

Very nice for all of you to get to visit on Easter. And your mother's tulpen are lovely. We had dinner with our friends Nancy and Diane and got to sit outdoors with a drink after supper. Lekker weer. (But this morning, it is grey and dreary). Alas. Check out this blog, it is very fun to read: