vrijdag 5 april 2013

Quilt Epo in Rijswijk

This year the Patchwork and Quiltdays were in Rijswijk. For Emma and me that's just around around our corner.

We loved Dorry's Antique Quilts. And I must say that made it special today. We spend there most of our time. Really worthwhile to give a good look.

The modern arts quilts are just not for me, so we "run" through it.

Anything bought?  Well if I say nothing you probably won't believe me. But we both have been very modes, for me it was just two darkblue  fat quarters and some buttons for my whale quilt.

We have been good girls ; ).


2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

The quilt just above this picture is just lovely. Is it old? It sort of looked like it was. And my - you were modest only 2 fat quarters. Guess I better try to fit some more fabric into our traveling suitcase. Sister Karen arrived this morning. Mostly we have talked and drank tea and generally visited. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the computer shop and then after that, the 3 of us are going down to the Seattle Center. Soon, soon, soon.

Petra zei

Je hebt je echt netjes gedragen. Eens kijken of mij dat morgen ook lukt. :-) Vast niet want ik heb rode lapjes nodig voor mijn Nearly INsane blokken. Prachtige oude quilt. Groetjes,