woensdag 24 april 2013

Spoiled with antique quilts

The name of the block is prairie queen.
My friend Marne really spoiled me this time as she came to the Netherlands. She took three complete antique finished quilts with her. Can you believe that? She bought them at the superfluity (rommelmarkt) from her church. She and Elaine are always busy with sorting things out and other kind of preparations. And I think she told everyone over there that I really love old quilts, so they all keep their eyes open for me.

Marne's friend Roz found some information for me, and that's very special because beside of my Grace quilt I have no clues about my antique quilts.

To Caro, from Roz, 11 april 2013
The antique blue/white quilt (circa 1910-1930)  is all handpieced and handquilted, 62 inch wide x 77 inch long. No restorations, all original top, batting, and muslin backing. It's in a fair condition and waiting to be lovingly restored or appreciate its creativity as is. The quilt was given to me by Archie Reid (from University Congregational Church United Church of Christ) in 2001 when he moved from Seattle to Yakima (Washington). He said it was created by either his mother or grandmother and, having no family of his own and being an only child, he gave it to me. Now I'm giving it to you.

Isn't that sweet. I felt really touched. Thank you Roz (and Marne for bringing it).

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