maandag 15 april 2013

Facebook, skype, blogs, what's app....

we, e- girls, are so busy to keep everybody informed that I forgot to mention that I finished another antique quilt on my blog.

I bought this quilttop in 2010 in Seattle during a quiltexpo. Once it was a quilt, but it was in rather bad condition so they took off the top. Now it's a quilt again. I added a backing and batting and tied the quilt. And of course it really became a quilt after the binding.

Originally the quilt was tied with white cotton, so I try to find cotton (perle) that looked almost the same. Period: 1870-1890. It's hard to have an exact date, but this is what the lady told me.

Two days and then Marne and Elaine will be here for a month. Hurraahhh!! Looking so forward to see them again, it's almost two years ago. And how "e" we have been on skype, it's so good to see them in person.

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