woensdag 24 april 2013

The son of Mies

Mies, the mummy of Zorro

As you probably know our sweet old lady dog Mies is coming from a shelter in Belgium (Dieren zonder Dak). But this wasn't the first shelter. Dieren zonder Dak took some dogs from the shelter http://www.sansfamille.be because they had too many dogs. We didn't know the name of her first shelter so we never had contact before.

Last weekend they called us to ask how Mies (Misjoe/Miloe) was doing, so we finally had the chance to know a little bit more about Mies her past. Mies and her son Zorro were taken out of the house of a man (who had a big drinking problem). It wasn't that the dogs didn't get enough food, but they were really neglected in attention, going out. Anyway they didn't take care of them properly.

Mies her son Zorro is still in the shelter, and I really wished we could take him with us. But we can't. So http://www.sansfamille.be (they also speak dutch), info@sansfamille.be. I hope Zorro will find a good home as well.
if you know somebody looking for a very sweet 8 year old dog, very socialized, lovely to people, please contact

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