maandag 23 februari 2009

Easter chicken and Tilda Bag

This weekend I made this bag. The patron is coming from the book from Tone Finnanger "Winterwonderland". The fabric is a reproduction of original 17th century dutch fabrics from the Haan en Wagenmaker ( The chicken is a patron from another quiltshop I like very much Atelier Bep (, the fabrics are just some scraps.

zondag 22 februari 2009

Royal The Hague

Today (sunday) we did a Royal Tour in The Hague, to prepar ourself for the visit from our (USA) friends Elaine and Marne next month. The Hague has also for us, still much unknown places, because we only live here for 16 months, and during that time we moved twice and did a lot of DIY.
So now it's time to explore our hometown. We started with a tour through The Hague Wood (Haagse Bos), so Paco good have a proper run. We payed a quick visit to House Den Bosch (here lives Queen Beatrix). Nobody at home (no flag on the roof).

From there we crossed the Malieveld, if you want to demonstrate against something, this is the place to be. We passed the Binnenhof were we had lunch at Luden on the Plein. In the Hague you see statues everywhere like the one from Willem I (Father of the Fatherland).

At Noordeinde you find the workingpalace of our Queen, behind the palace is the palacegarden, where you can have a little walk or have a rest.

Friday I visited the Binnenhof (Parliament Building/Second Chamber) and the Ridderzaal (Knights'Hall) very impressive as you can see on the pictures. On the third Tuesday in September this Hall is used for the state opening of Parliament. The Queen arrive with her golden Carriage and hold her annual speech from the throne. In the Netherlands this is very important day beside Queens Day (Koninginnedag 30 april).

So that's enough culture for one weekend, time to do some quilting.

zondag 15 februari 2009

Quilt Exhibition in Rijswijk

Today I was with my grandmother and Dieuwke on the annual Quilt Exhibition in Rijswijk. Dieuwke and I started with being an quiltangel, that means: tell everybody not to touch the quilts. But it also gave us the chance to have a good look at all the quilts. It was a mix from traditional and art quilts. As you can see on the photos. I prefer the more traditional quilts, but I saw some very beautiful quilts with the theme Feathers.

dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Snowman from Wendy Jo

This is what I found in my mailbox. A lovely snowman from Wendy Jo. We're both members of the Crazy Exchange Group. So now it's my turn to make a gift for her.

zondag 8 februari 2009

Going south ......

We just went a couple of days south (of the Netherlands). So we did some walking, quiltshopping, eating and visiting my sister, brother-in-law and their two kids. I finally finished the blue-white square for Thomas. So Thomas and Sophie both have their own quilt now. Saturday we visited Nuenen, about 15 years ago we stayed here sometime for the weekend in this beautiful old house. Nothing changed. Of course I went for a look in the Quiltshop from Jo Klomp, and I found some fabrics to make some Eastern-gifts.

vrijdag 6 februari 2009

Making little bags

I think I'm expert in making this little "lunch or gift" bags as they called them in the Seattle. This is number 7. It's really fun. I made it for my little niece Sophie, she is 3 years old. My mother made a dress from this fabric, and with the leftovers I made this bag.

You can find the patron on: Fabric Gift Bag.