zondag 22 februari 2009

Royal The Hague

Today (sunday) we did a Royal Tour in The Hague, to prepar ourself for the visit from our (USA) friends Elaine and Marne next month. The Hague has also for us, still much unknown places, because we only live here for 16 months, and during that time we moved twice and did a lot of DIY.
So now it's time to explore our hometown. We started with a tour through The Hague Wood (Haagse Bos), so Paco good have a proper run. We payed a quick visit to House Den Bosch (here lives Queen Beatrix). Nobody at home (no flag on the roof).

From there we crossed the Malieveld, if you want to demonstrate against something, this is the place to be. We passed the Binnenhof were we had lunch at Luden on the Plein. In the Hague you see statues everywhere like the one from Willem I (Father of the Fatherland).

At Noordeinde you find the workingpalace of our Queen, behind the palace is the palacegarden, where you can have a little walk or have a rest.

Friday I visited the Binnenhof (Parliament Building/Second Chamber) and the Ridderzaal (Knights'Hall) very impressive as you can see on the pictures. On the third Tuesday in September this Hall is used for the state opening of Parliament. The Queen arrive with her golden Carriage and hold her annual speech from the throne. In the Netherlands this is very important day beside Queens Day (Koninginnedag 30 april).

So that's enough culture for one weekend, time to do some quilting.

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