zondag 15 maart 2015

HELP: Sondevoedingszakjes / Supporting Children's hospitals in The Hague and Rotterdam

Ready to go / Klaar om weggebracht te worden ......

- een grote plastic tas met zakjes en kleine quiltjes voor het JKZ in Den Haag.
- one big plastic bag,
with little drip feedings bags / sondvoedingszakjes and little quilts of love for het Juliana Children's Hospital in The Hague

- one big envelop for the Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam, en een envelop vol met sondevoedingszakjes voor het Sophia Kinderziekenhuis.

Both hospitals are very happy with the bags. There is a special need for little bags for young people age 12-16.

Beide ziekenhuizen zijn heel blij met de zakjes. Er is vooral behoefte aan stoere zakjes voor pubers.

Thanks to Carla, Carina, Granny, Amy en Shirley for helping making bags and little quilts of love. 

Wie in de omgeving van Rotterdam heeft tijd en zin om zakjes te verzamelen en af te leveren bij het Sophia Kinderziekenhuis Rotterdam. Ik doe dit voor het Juliana Kinderziekenhuis in Den Haag, maar twee ziekenhuizen red ik helaas niet.

Wie heeft er tijd en zin en zakjes te naaien, met name stoere zakjes voor kinderen tussen de 12-16 zijn welkom. Je kunt ze naar mij opsturen of direct naar het ziekenhuis. Met name de afdeling Oncologie van het Sophia Kinderziekenhuis heeft helaas jaarlijks heel veel zakjes nodig.

Je kunt via de email contact met mij opnemen: caroline.dijkerman@gmail.com

Handleiding/tutorial for making the bags

In deze handleiding heb ik de zakjes met een binnenvoering gemaakt, maar je kunt ze ook zonder binnenvoering maken en dan afwerken met een lockmachine of zigzag.

zaterdag 14 maart 2015

Workshop Steampunk

Time for a update on my blog. So you will find several posts of my activities for the last weeks.

Today I had a lovely morning with Emma on the Quilthoeve in Naaldwijk. Willy Alers was there to teach everything about "Steampunk". 

So I learned to sew round curves on my sewing machine ... but most importanted: we learned how to get rid of our leftovers and ugly fabrics. We really had fun. I left with lots of inspiration. 
Will this be my chance to reduce my stock of fabric?

Our teacher Willy Alers

Notice the two extra pins. left and right. Works very well to pin it like that way.

Granny's butterflies...

on the table ... ....

.... just the binding and a label.

I have 7 more days to finish it. Sunday 22th of march we will celebrate her 89th birthday.

Me and my mum ....

... visited the Haags Gemeentemuseum. What a lovely exposition. I hope you were able to visit the exhibition about "Eline Veere meets Mr. Darcy'.

Lucky me, living in The Hague, so I had the chance to visit the exhibition severval times.

A week later my mother and I met in Amsterdam (Concertgebouw) to listen to Mozart's Requiem.
Friend, my mum and me
The concert building was opened in 1888 and has amazing acoustics.

The Requiem was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus in 1791, and he left it unfinished because of his dead.  Franz Xaver Sussmayr completed it and it was delivered in 1792 to Count von Walsegg to commemoreate the death of his wife on the 14th of februar.

Cute little bags ......

.... no idea, what will I do with those bags ; ). It's just fun making them.

I found in the inspiration in one of my Tilda books.
Almost finished.

Walking through Bezuidenhout

On the 3th of march 1945 our neighbourhood  Bezuidenhout was accidently bombed by the RAF.

They had intended to the bomb the Haagse Bos, where the Germans installed V-2 launching facilities, but the pilots had the wrong coordinates and in combinasion with bad weather 500 people were killed, a lots of houses destroyed. To remember this tragedy the organization BB45 (http://www.bb45.nl/) made a walking route. On the 13 informationpanels you find pictures of before and after the bombardement.
Remembering 3 march 1946

When we walk through Bezuidenhout we see the "gaps" the bombing left. One side of our street was build in 1954, on the other side you find the beautifull victorian house build in the late 1800s. I think this walking path is a great idea to tell the history of neighbourhood to the next generation and the people (like us) who live now in this neighbourhood.

This statue, just around the corner from our house, survived the bombing. Every year on the 3 of march  we remember the victims.

So peacefull on a sunday morning in march.