zaterdag 14 maart 2015

Me and my mum ....

... visited the Haags Gemeentemuseum. What a lovely exposition. I hope you were able to visit the exhibition about "Eline Veere meets Mr. Darcy'.

Lucky me, living in The Hague, so I had the chance to visit the exhibition severval times.

A week later my mother and I met in Amsterdam (Concertgebouw) to listen to Mozart's Requiem.
Friend, my mum and me
The concert building was opened in 1888 and has amazing acoustics.

The Requiem was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus in 1791, and he left it unfinished because of his dead.  Franz Xaver Sussmayr completed it and it was delivered in 1792 to Count von Walsegg to commemoreate the death of his wife on the 14th of februar.

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I would love to go to some of these things if I lived in a city........lucky you.......