donderdag 6 augustus 2015

Pimped up our car and balcony

With some flowers (not home-made)  and pinwheels made from a plastic tablecloth so you can hang them outside (idea from Simone Soedidee).

 Aren't they cute? And so easy to make.

Your supply list:
- 10 inch plastic tablecloth / 25 centimeter plastic tafelkleed van de rol: 2,25 dollar/euro
- 100 wooden buttons/ houten knoopjes (Zeeman of Xenos): 1,89
- thread and a needle

If you use squares 3,5 inch x 3,5 inch (8 cm x 8 cm), you can make about 30-40 pinwheels.

Look here for the tutiorial/handleiding:

Every quilter needs one: