dinsdag 30 juli 2013

I'm still quilting ......

..... don't worry.

Several projects to be in progress. At the moment I'm working mostly at my Spakenburger Quilts. The one with the little squares will be my "100 fabrics of Spakenburg",  still 23 squares to make. The next months I will finish at least 4 tops. No study to worry about till the januar 2014, I had 80 points for my businescase financial management. So you can imagine I was very pleased with that result.

Cold wine, wild pigs, brocante, glasses and cyclingtours

Found on the brocante market in Putten.
Well you can say it's really summer here. Especially for us dutch, above the 30C. The last time we had such high temperatures for more then a week was 6 years ago. Well I don't complain too much about the weather, with a glass of cold wine and some food, we did enjoy ourself pretty well in our summerhouse, and street in The Hague.

We had a very good holiday, but the problem is I'm always running out of time for all my plans. Well the good thing about holiday that you're also allowed to be lazy. So I have been a little bit.
More brocante, if you know any good brocante markets please let me know. I think I need some more dishware ; ).

Lange Voorhout The Hague, every thursday and sunday brocante market during the summer.

Aardhuis in Apeldoorn, good place to spot wild pigs.
Mies taking her daily grass bath on the lawn.
Open Air Museum in Arnhem
My new glasses!!!!

Cycling to the cheese shop in Delft. The Hague offers very cyclingtours. It's really amazing. We did five cyclingtours last weeks, and everyone was different.

woensdag 17 juli 2013

Working girls

Every wednesday eve Dieuwke and I have our quiltbee. Sometimes Emma or Diana join us as well. This week it was just the two us, everybody is gone abroad. Time to work at our "cheer-up-quilt". Friday eve we finished the rows. We started early around 5.30 p.m., and even didn't take a break during cooking.

Pinning rows is also possible during cooking ; ). We had dinner on the sofa, because we didn't want to loose anytime by tidying up the dining table.We managed to finish the quilttop and to sandwich it as well.

Good work. Next time tying and binding.

woensdag 10 juli 2013

Cheer up Quilt

Marne also did sends us a lot of squares from her own collection of fabrics!! So Dieuwke and I decided this evet that we make a cheer-up quilt for one of our friends. It will be a real scrap quilt. You can follow our progess, friday eve we will work on it again. Either it will be big succes or a disaster.

Every quilter needs one!

THAT PURPLE THANG : it pushes, pokes, pulls, p-fudges, p-turns and p-stuffs. Thread a ribbon through the slot and were it 'round your neck. Always be handy!

Thanks Marne for sending them to us! The mutsengirls Emma, Diana, Dieuwke and me will take good care of them.

vrijdag 5 juli 2013

Happy anniversary Mies

It's amazing how quickly time flies by. A year ago we were on our way to Belgium (Lommel) to a shelter for homeless dogs.

On the internet we found a black dog that catched our interest. (We just lost our black cocker spaniel Paco). We didn't want a puppy, but a senior dog. We ended in the middle of "nowhere", at a farm with some pigsheds and a lot of dogs. She didn't smell very nice, she was much bigger than I thought, she wasn't happy when we took her with us in the car, she was scratching all over her body (food allergy), and she was moving a little bit stiff. But we felt in love with her, especially Rob.

Well she turned out to be the sweetest dog you can imagine. No regrets.

Now it's one year later, in two months she will be 14 years old. She is a very happy dog now, in good condition (she still can walk 6 km), likes to play in the evening and with her own special food. Life can be good!!!