dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Cold wine, wild pigs, brocante, glasses and cyclingtours

Found on the brocante market in Putten.
Well you can say it's really summer here. Especially for us dutch, above the 30C. The last time we had such high temperatures for more then a week was 6 years ago. Well I don't complain too much about the weather, with a glass of cold wine and some food, we did enjoy ourself pretty well in our summerhouse, and street in The Hague.

We had a very good holiday, but the problem is I'm always running out of time for all my plans. Well the good thing about holiday that you're also allowed to be lazy. So I have been a little bit.
More brocante, if you know any good brocante markets please let me know. I think I need some more dishware ; ).

Lange Voorhout The Hague, every thursday and sunday brocante market during the summer.

Aardhuis in Apeldoorn, good place to spot wild pigs.
Mies taking her daily grass bath on the lawn.
Open Air Museum in Arnhem
My new glasses!!!!

Cycling to the cheese shop in Delft. The Hague offers very cyclingtours. It's really amazing. We did five cyclingtours last weeks, and everyone was different.

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