donderdag 30 december 2010

Our house is ..

..... filled with X-mas memories. Each year I make some new, each year my boxes in the attic are getting filled more and more. The little ornaments in our X-mas tree were from my grandmother and probably 50-60 years old. The X-mas stable was made by a friend (Ben, he died in 1999) somewhere in '92 or '93. The Santa Claus was one of my first projects and made in 1989. The embroidered X-mas hearts are from my first X-mas swap. The X-mas quilt on the chair is my first X-mas quilt, made from westfalen fabrics, it took me two years to finish it. The mooses are from this year, the wallhanger in the hallway from last year. The little socks Rob and Caro from Marne, so is the table runner. So everything means something to me. Just a few days more to enjoy and then another year to wait.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Imagine what you attic will be like when you are my age? I have loads and loads and loads of marvelous, memory-filled things. Now it is hard to choose which things to put out - I cannot put them all out each year. Lovely to see the photos. Groet!