zondag 8 juni 2008

Weekend Report and strawberries...

This weekend we stayed in The Hague. On friday we started the weekend together with our friend Tale at our favorite "pub" http://www.bijmauce.nl/. When the weather is good it's a lovely place to have drink and a snack outside. Saturday we chosed the carpets for our new home, so that's done. In the evening dinner at Rob his grandmother, she's very good cook. Sunday was a sunny day in the Netherlands about 23C, we did a 9-miles walk on the beach and through the dunes. In the afternoon I went quilting at Dieuwke, so we could discuss our plans for Willemijn, another quiltfriend of us who's expecting a baby in september. Busy time with three baby-gifts to make. Thom (Rob's brother) and Astrid expecting their first baby in september, Hans (my brother) and Ekaete are expecting their second baby in december.

And of course I want to make some things for my new home. This is for my kitchen: strawberries.

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