zaterdag 31 mei 2008

Visiting the Singer Quiltshop in Epe....

Today Jacqueline and I went to the quiltshop in Epe. I didn't know this shop and we really needed to do some quilt- shopping.

It's a lovely shop with a lot of fabrics, and all kind of little patrons. For my brother and sister-in-law I bought a lovely panel to make a baby-quilt. It has something to do with "Noah's Ark" and African prints. They will have their second baby in december.
Jacqueline bought a patron of a strawberry. Really fun!! So I also bought fabrics to make a few for my new kitchen. One of the ladies asked if there was a quiltshop in The Hague/Den Haag, so I did some promotion for Evy . It's my favorite quilthshop.
If you're in the neighbourhood of Epe or The Hague, it's really worth visiting these shops:
Afterwards we went for coffee, and looked through some American magazines Marne send me. Jacqueline helped me saving my "big" problem. Wich patron I'm going to make from my American fabrics in september.
So after some talking and good advice, here is a picture of the patron I want to make. I only want to use rose-fabrics. They say every quilter once in her live has to make a "rose quilt".
The patron is from Mrs Binkley, she made this quilt for her granddaughter in 1928. I want my American Quilt to be very special. The size is 1m90 x 1m90 (78 x 78 inches). Only three months to go....

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Nana's Quilts zei

Wow! That will certainly be a big project, but it will be very nice. Hmmm - rose, heh? I will start to pay attention to that color, now. And I do like the little rabbit (konijn?).