maandag 5 mei 2008

Back from Germany ......

After two emotional weeks (my grandmother died, Rob's results from cardiologue and buying a new house in The Hague) we went on holiday sunday the 27th april to Germany (Regensburg). Regenburg is our favorite city, because our friends Hubert and Sabine and their son Christopher live there. We know them for almost 11 years. Rob and Hubert were collegues long time ago.

We didn't stay with them because Paco and their dog Timmy don't like each other very much, so we rented a summerhouse in Kallmuenz, a beautyfull little village with lots of possiblities for walking and trekking
But first on sunday (after our arrival) "mittagessen" (lunch) together with "Helles und Radler" (German Beer, Radler is a mix from beer and 7-up.) Hubert took the Bayern speciality "Schweinehaxe" (pigfoot), not our favorite.
Holidays in Bayern always means a lot of eating. After breakfast, at the 12 h it's time for 'Mittagessen", a warm lunch (for us like dinner) with Beer, at 16h time for "Kaffee und Kuchen" (lots of cakes with coffee). And at 7hours just a little snack like pizza or pasta. I think we need a lot of balance weeks, as they say in Holland. On thursday we all visited Helmuth and Hildetrude they live in Selb (famous for porcelain) at the Czech-border. She made a lovely lunch/Mittagessen with deer-meat, Knodeln (German) and berries. Helmuth is a hunter in his spare time, so he can shoot his own food. And of course she made some home-made pies.

Most of our week we spend walking/trekking through the hills of Bayern/Kallmuenz.

Paco loved it very much, so in the evenings he was exhausted, because most of the times he walks twice the distance we do.

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Carol zei

Awesome! Sounds like you had a fantastic trip to Germany!!

Nana's Quilts zei

I don't think I choose the pigsfoot - thanks, anyway. Looks like you had great weather for traveling. And all that beer! Wow!