zaterdag 17 mei 2008

Log Cabin part 9

The third border on the Log Cabin is almost finished. The size now is 1m18 x 1m18, but in the end it will be: 2m10 x 2m10. Tomorrow I'll start the 4th border, this will be two brown stripes and in the middle "squares in a squares", I have to make 68 blocks, 16 on each side and 4 in the corners. The 5th border (last border) will be rather simple, with just a "square in a square" in the corner. It's nice to have (quilt)friends you can ask for advise. Monday I discussed it with Jacqueline and last wednesday Evy helped me to pick the fabrics and to make a final decision how to finish the quilt.

I want to finish the top before I go the USA in september, maybe I'll ask the Northseaquilters to finish it quilting. So it can be on our bed in our new home end of october. In september/november we will be moving again.

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

OOOOOHHHHH - that's lovely. You are doing such a nice job on that. Today I'm off to see Alayne about doing long-arm quilting on my White Chocolate "baby". Busy you and busy me!

Chookyblue...... zei

this is beautiful I will be back to see then next border.......