vrijdag 29 maart 2013

For quilters ....

..... if you're interested in costume fabrics you really should visit the exposition in the Museum Spakenburg. It's called "stof tot nadenken", and if you're there don't forget to visit my favorite museum behind the Noorderkerk, Klederdracht- en Visserij Museum. Both museums are on walking distance (5 minutes) from each other. You can visit the exposition till the first of june.

Why this exposition?
Kraplappen, over the shoulders
Nowdays there  there are only 200 woman left who wearing the traditional costumes of Spakenburg and Bunschoten. And there number is lowering very quickly. A big loss for the community because it's not only about the costumes, but also the personal stories and the meaning of the fabrics. For example the afternoon "kraplap" (shoulder part) purple with little red flowers. This was very suitable for going to friends for a visit or to the choir.

Hard to keep your secrets in those days ; )/

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Martine zei

Zeker weten dat ik hier naar toe ga.
En misschien is er nog wat te koop om mijn verzameling aan te vullen.